About us

Joanna Rajska

I was born in Gdynia and have lived here all my life. I was here also during the great transformation of the '80s. I consciously lived through the 'Solidarity' revolution and participated in it, which influenced me largely. It was also Gdynia, where I did seafaring, which was of great importance to me.

My life was passing at a pace and overload typical for an astronaut training capsule. I've done all kinds of things. From studying biology to being a profesional athlete. In the meantime I was running my own business, practiced extreme sports and many times found myself in life-threatening situations. Paranormal phenomena and philosophy have been of my interest since my childhood. I would read 'to wise' books and conduct my own experiments.

In my adult life I became absorbed with wordly matters for a while. I had a baby, a girl whose extraordinary paranormal abilities and highl level of consciousness manifested very early. Today we work together as a group: me, my daughter Monika and Jacek Czapiewski.

My contacts with parapsychology were restored due to the practice of transcendental meditation. Shortly after I was struck by an avalanche of events that lead to my losing of everything I had worked for. For this wasn't my real path. I have lived in isolation for about seven years and had very occasional contacts with other people. In that time my inner self has re-formed. It was a very difficult process. Its most difficult part was that I had no idea what was happening to me. I had nobody to consult for advice. Nobody could explain it to me. I'm mentioning it because someone of my potential readers might see similarities between our lives and be in similar difficulties. Maybe the texts contained on this website will help them understand the process.

I went through all levels of spiritual development and had a great deal of transcendental and mystic experiences. I think this entitles me to call myself an initiate esoteric and gnostic. I can't prove these titles with any diplomas since nobody on Earth provides such. I possess, however, a diploma of a psychotronic. My knowledge and experiences can be verified by reading the book I wrote together with Jacek and Monika: 'Between chaos and consciousness – Hyperphisics' and the articles on the website. The contents of my publications are not copied from other authors. They are a result of our research and contemplations.

In the year 2007 I was recommended to the 'Who is Who' encyclopedia.

In the year 2010 I reached the so called liberated form. It's the highest possible state of being in the material world. (See: Liberated form)

Monika Rajska

I work acquiring information from the fourth, fifth and sixth density.
I went through most of the evolution at the fourth density and thus my abilities and developed senses.

Since I was a little girl I could feel and see more. I didn't know what it meant for me back then. I struggled and didn't understand why only I could see and know these things. Later I discovered I could get in touch with other beings. I gained the ability to contact extraterrestial civilisations. Mainly because most of them reside and evolve at the fourth density.

Throughout the years of work I learned to tell negative and positive beings. I became stronger and more careful.

In the year 2010 I reached the liberated form which allows me to work longer and more effectively.
I see and understand more.

I expanded my knowledge of the functioning of our galaxy as well as the civilisations residing in it. This is why I possess substantial knowledge about them as well as of our, as a civilisation, position among them.

Now I know I can use my abilities to help others and thus the Earth itself. I believe that by expanding our consciousness and deepening our self-awareness we help everything that surrounds us. By perfecting ourselves we improve all creation.

My skills can be called clairvoyance, insights of all kinds and channeling. I help others to have a look at things their minds can reach.

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