Between chaos and consciousness - Hyperphysics

The knowledge contained in this book is an effect of our research over the years. To understand the ways in which the knowledge was acquired one must acquire the contents of the book. The secret lies in the ability of perception beyond the five senses. One could call this extraterrestial knowledge, none of it is a hypothesis or a presumption.

We are certain of this knowledge because it has been tested in other civilisations's systems and it is internally coherent – in opposition to the current academic and orthodox knowledge.

The book introduces a structure of the Universe completely different to the one proposed by present scientific knowledge.

What is considered dark matter, dark energy, folded dimensions and alternative universes by science and spiritual worlds in esoterics, here is described as densities of the Universe. We present its particle structure and laws of physics.

The Universe is shown as a system of information controlled by a superior intelligence. Its steering mechanism consists of shape-based algorithms. The structures of the Universe builds up according to fractal rules. Some rules generating fractal structures of the existential space are explained in the book. By these rules mysteries of things happening in the world in a particular way can be explained.
All given rules of physics are illustrated by examples of their manifestation in given situations.
We explain the enigmas of modern science such as; gravity, current flow, quantum field, magnetism, electromagnetism. A reader not interested in detailed physics will find here explanations for many psychological, social and political occurrences. All of them have their roots in the elementary mechanisms of space.

There is also a chapter dedicated to the changes to come around the year 2012 and after.


Mental nonsense

1. The Universe
1.1. A glance at the Universe
1.2. Densities
1.3. Diamond Consciousness Networks – introduction
1.4. Structural grids
1.5. Continuity and discontinuity
1.6. Universal material – introduction
1.7. Being
1.8. Beings at densities
1.9. Space – introduction
2.1. First density
2.2. Second density
2.3. Third density
2.4. Fourth density
2.5. Fifth density
3.1. The Universe as an algorithm
3.2. Space
3.3. Diamond Consciousness Networks
3.4. Information
3.5. Knowledge
3.6. Consciousness
3.7. The elements
3.8. Time
3.9. Perception
3.10. Order and chaos
3.11. Event blocks – why do things happen
3.12. Thought
3.13. Life
3.14. Spatial dimensions
3.15. History of the Universe
3.16. Fractal principles of space in the Universe
3.17. Particle attributes
3.18. Atom
3.19. Notions of modern physics in comparison with hyperphysics
3.20. Extraterrestrial science
3.21. Sixth density
3.22. Seventh density
3.23. Wave 2012
3.24. Who are the authors and how was this book written


The book is available here.

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