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Reincarnation is a basic cosmic principle. It involves transition from one form to another. Everything that exists within the Universe, right from its beginnings, is continually being reincarnated. Matter is trying to match its own elements together. They come together and fall apart thus evolving. This evolution occurs through reincarnation, i.e. transition from one form to another.

A being is also a form of matter. It is constructed from various structures in individual densities, at varying levels of stability. The higher the density, the more stable the structure. The least stable are bodies on densities two and three, the mind at the fourth density is slightly more stable. The most stable is the body at the fifth density. This is what is referred to, incorrectly, as soul or spirit. It is for this that the whole evolution is needed. Both the mind and the body are at its service and exist for the sake of its development. The aim of evolution in material form is the acquirement of consciousness.

Reincarnation is a mechanism of space, which applies to all structures. Structures are created, they last for varying periods after which they die and disintegrate. Their elements become components for another structure.

Some particularly lasting structures, in the form of mature beings of higher evolutionary levels, do not disintegrate. These beings exist on the fifth density. To be exact, these are the highest bodies of beings which undergo evolution through embodiments in lower densities. Embodiment does not mean that some sort of ‘soul’ enters into the body, but that the body and the mind are programmed by the structure from the fifth density. It is a gradual transfer of information from one density to another.

A being with the permanent body at the fifth density is equipped with the possibility of individual incarnation, which means he is the only one responsible for his personal evolutionary achievements and allowed to make use of them. Before such a being springs into existence, a number of ‘disposable’ creatures incarnate in the same fragment of space. When the area reaches appropriate maturity, a permanent being may be created. Each being who has already received the highest body, has a chance at immortality.

Although the fifth density body eventually disintegrates, its consciousness survives and moves to another form of existence, this time non-material. It happens after a being has gathered enough knowledge and awareness.

Every structure once will diminish. Only consciousness is immortal.

Reincarnation involves transition from form to form, using previous information. Most beings are not subject to individual reincarnation.

It is possible only for those of relatively high consciousness level, possessing development potential. Those whose temporary structures manage to keep up with evolutionary requirements.

Reincarnation is, therefore, a purely physical process, resulting from spatial physics and, at the same time, forced by space.



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