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Life in the Universe

Autor: Środa, 25 czerwiec 2014 00:00   Czytany 28622 razy

Ever since humankind acknowledged the cosmos existence, it has been wondering if there are any living creatures among innumerable stars and galaxies. As our knowledge expands, the notion that we are alone in the cavernous Universe gradually becomes less probable. But to accept any fact a human being demands physical evidence. So far there is no clear evidence for life on other planets - or at least this is an official standpoint of those who determine which type of information is currently penetrating collective consciousness.

Key evidence for the non-existence of the aliens is the fact that they do not try to contact Earth. They do not visit our planet, therefore they do not exist - this way of thinking is typical of a human being who considers only his own convictions to be true. If he does not detect something, it proves its non-existence. Anyone operating on different thought categories is accused of thoughtlessness. If they were other beings in the Universe, they would visit us, because we would surely do so.

Einstein summed this up in an aphorism:

The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe is that it has never tried to contact us.’

In general, that was, and partially still is, the human line of thought. Subject of UFO tended to cause ironic remarks and accusations of insanity. It used to be a disconcerting issue. It seems that this situation has changed, probably due to deliberate preparations. Lots of books, movies, computer games and cartoons with so-called aliens have been appearing in recent years. Unfortunately, the aliens are usually portrayed as ruthless invaders. Thanks to this image, however, the viewpoint on alien civilizations has changed to the extent that hardly no one negate their existence anymore. We are expected not to deny, but at most show signs of impatience in waiting for proofs.

One can still come across opinions that all living forms are supposed to look exactly like those inhabiting Earth - and this is the aim of the cosmic quest. This is absurd. Our universe contains millions upon millions of stars and planets each containing its own environment. Do you really believe the miracle of life would only dignify one tiny planet on the outskirts of our modest galaxy? Isn’t it supposed to adapt to various environmental conditions? Even our DNA - very poor in comparison to other codes - includes numerous types of adaptations. And we are fully aware of this fact. Some earthly organisms managed to adapt to truly unearthly conditions. If living forms are able to survive in such conditions, they can also evolve into higher intelligence. There has been plenty of time for this kind of evolution - both in our galaxy and in other parts of the Universe. We happen to be living on the young planet, in the young, unevolved part of our galaxy.

Even those, who already took all aforementioned arguments into consideration, point out that further analysis of this issue seems to be useless. There is no possible way to contact aliens, because… they live too far away. This sounds so ridiculously that I shall abstain from comment.

Enough with the obvious explanations. Many of our contemporaries believe without a doubt in alien civilizations existence. Some of them saw their vehicles; there is also historical evidence of their visits. What is more, lots of people stay in extrasensory contact with creatures from outer space. For me this is almost an everyday occurrence, and I find it ludicrous to question the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Civilizations belong in two out of seven densities, that is in densities three and four. The third density contains also some other forms, which we cannot observe, yet we are aware of their existence - they are referred to as ‘dark matter’. There are currently approx. 300 000 000 civilizations in our galaxy and this number is constantly growing, as the galaxy is planned to accommodate approx. 28 000 000 000 civilizations.

Life in civilizations is not the only form of existence in the Universe. There are numerous kinds of beings at the densities two, five, six and seven.

The Universe exists for the sake of beings. At least the existential space does. “Dead” matter serves them as habitat. In fact, there is no dead matter, for everything in the Universe is in a way alive and conscious. It appears that the difference between life and non-life is relative and depends on the categories of thinking. We, however, are going to refer to more or less intelligent creatures.

Each civilization belongs to its own evolutionary path designed to develop particular features. Beings and civilizations specialize in many various tasks. Civilizations may be military, exploratory, healing, helping, technical, cybernetic, spiritual etc.

Each evolutionary path comprise its own type of body adapted to physical conditions and evolutionary tasks. Our galaxy is inhabited by insectoid, reptile and humanoid types. There are also beings with metal based bodies or biological bodies connected with biological technology. They cannot be separated from their own technology. There are also creatures made up of fire or electricity. Genetic codes do not have to be based on particles, even more so - it does not necessarily have to be DNA.

No matter how far we stretch our imagination, trying to envision the most bizarre life organizations, we may rest assured that they all probably already exist somewhere.

In the fourth density dwell beings that we would describe as non-material, as their bodies consists of matter unknown to us, and they do not occupy planets, but exist within space. Their bodies, however, are also material, although this is a different type of matter than the one visible to us. Within fourth density completely different laws of physics apply and that is the reason why life is different there. Fourth density beings are capable of travelling between cosmoses and modifying their bodies; they also use entirely different sets of senses and categories of thought.

Some fourth density beings do not belong to any civilization. There are plenty of them. They frequently attack and manipulate people’s minds, causing mental disorders such as schizophrenia, delusions, possessions.

There are beings which exist consciously in two densities at the same time, i.e. in the third and the fourth density. Beings from various highly-advanced civilizations have gained this ability. Such creatures do not have to physically transport themselves from one place to another - they can achieve it via their bodies at fourth density. It sometimes happens, however, that they travel physically through cosmos or between cosmoses. For this purpose they use their amazing vehicles capable of moving through the fourth and even the fifth density. These vehicles are often of enormous size - in our measure they can have a diameter of several hundreds of kilometers, or even reach the size of a small planet.

Travelling through the fourth density is the most efficient and the quickest way of movement. It is known as teleportation. This phenomenon allows to overcome galactic distances in almost no time at all. This answers the question why in the Universe nothing is ever too far away.

Moreover, this technology is as popular, as it is simple. We only need to gain knowledge of real physical laws, and the idea will reveal itself.

In the Universe beings can communicate with each other i.a. through telepathy. Most higher beings developed excellent telepathy skills and possibilities. This method of communication is timeless and does not require language consisting of words. It is a direct transfer of thoughts in the universal language of algorithms. But even here certain limitations must be borne in mind. In order for two beings to communicate, they need to have relatively compatible algorithms, which in practice means similar mental construction. There is, however, a range of methods to overcome these limitations, i.a. technological devices or various mind ‘prostheses’.

Information is communicated via fractal reversion in phase space - and is done so practically timelessly. I have not heard about other civilizations using radio waves to transmit information, like the Earthlings do. This method is primitive and ineffective. If we anticipate this type of cosmic interactions, there is a small chance we will live to see it.

Many civilizations have already emerged from isolation caused by the level of consciousness insufficient to be partners for the others, united in Galactic Federation. Members of Federation support each other. The membership is not, of course, mandatory, but it certainly pays off. Civilizations belonging to Federation, in exchange for their commitment, are offered help and support.

Civilizations are shelters for the beings undergoing evolution. Beings (excluding atypical evolutionary paths) usually begin their existence from basic forms. In the course of evolution, they are expected to increase their consciousness. It is a long and dangerous journey. The protection is applied by the creation of egregors and civilizations.

Besides, living in civilization provides evolutionary stimuli.

At densities one, two, five, six and seven there are no civilizations.

The first density is chaos. In the second density, the degree of consciousness and possibilities is not sufficient to create a unit. In the fifth density each is an individual and there are no organized communities. The sixth density is pure consciousness. It designs evolutionary paths for civilizations. Seventh density beings can hardly be called individuals, as they exist in a state of unison, which monitors the overall balance of the Universe. It is here that we have an authentic mythical unity.

Life as such is created, at least from our perspective, out of nothing. It is, in fact, the creation of space. Programs of phase space force wave fragments to connect into particles, which, in turn, arrange themselves into material collectives. As a result, increasingly advanced structures arise, with the creation of intelligent beings as a crowning moment.

Particles are created in the first density and then transferred to higher densities. Material for particles comes from lower density, which is why it may seem that matter appears out of nowhere. Third density material is ‘dragged’ from the second density. Process of its transformation into forms capable of organizing themselves into complex structures, such as living creatures, is long, toilsome, and takes billions of years.

In the present Universe, life is being implanted by advanced civilizations which experiment with genetic code carriers and create life from ready DNA models. This process, of course, consumes less time.

At densities three and four some civilizations are just beginning their existence and evolution, while others, reaching the end of the possibilities within their evolutionary paths, leave the cosmic stage.

Many civilizations proved unsuccessful and finished themselves off through their own fault. It has occurred on Earth several times already. All of these civilizations were the results of experiments conducted by highly developed civilizations, which initiated them. This means that alien civilizations created our natural environment, as well as various human species. Our species is the last one created by civilization known as the Orians.

Civilization we live in is doomed to extinction.

It does not mean that life on our planet will be liquidated or that humans will no longer form civilizations. No! In place of old civilization, will gradually arise another. With new human species and modified evolutionary path. Based on different political and social principles.

Planet Earth and human civilization for 300 000 years have been occupied by alien civilizations. The reptilian civilization of the Orians was in the lead. They invented genetic, political and social patterns in which we are stuck from the dawn of humanity. Their ideals became our ideals, since they enforced them. They control us through the fourth density, manipulating our mind contents. They also designed mental contents, on which human minds operate. And if this was not enough, they incarnate in human bodies to occupy key positions and govern the whole system. What is more, majority of currently living people can be called a ‘reptilian tribe’, as they are descended from the reptilian system. It is true, to a certain extent, that our captivity was sanctioned as the civilization created by the Orians. Most of our contemporaries identify with this system and do not raise any objections. This is not, however, a natural situation, as the reptilian evolutionary path was artificially imposed on the standard earthly path, and Earthlings became reptilian slaves. Thanks to the remnants of the original path, however, those more conscious and evolutionarily older experience great discomfort, due to lack of possibility to fulfill their true calling. They feel it all over their being, as they possess an internal memory of original contents and their structure does not allow complete reprogramming.

Typically, a clever invader portrays a situation in such a way so that a captive could not gather his bearings.

This is why the aliens made sure that the Earthlings were completely isolated from outer space and unable to discover anyone’s existence within it (including the occupier’s). Therefore we never got a chance to come face to face with the aliens. Beyond what has been said, they input into our minds programs of the fear of the unknown, and mentally banned us from taking any interest in this subject. There was an absolute taboo placed on issues relating to life in the Universe. The reptilians also conducted deliberate propaganda campaigns mocking all attempts to investigate these issues. Negative reception of this topic enabled them to successfully build the colony on the Earth.

Although the reptilians contract has just expired and they were forced to disappear off the face of the Earth, they are still globally present through their human embodiments that have not ceased to live yet.

Some of them reside at the fourth density, but only privately. Apart from this, their laws and algorithms continue to exist, as well as human beings programmed by them, who still identify with their system. These contents and values will be removed and we will be able to create a different world. In this new world, embargo on communication with other civilizations - and on real knowledge of the Universe - will finally be lifted. There are wonderful and fascinating times ahead of us. The process of transition, however, should not be turbulent. Of course, we can fully expect that incarnated reptilians will not give up without a fight, all the more so since the conflict is their treasured value.

One could write endlessly about alien civilizations, as there are plenty of them. The cosmic policy is very complicated. Any simple assumptions would be naïve. Dependencies in the Universe go back millions of years and concern millions of civilizations with various thinking categories and tasks. In our calculations, we have to take into consideration also the Core’s expectations about the Universe’s existence, as well as necessary space maneuvers providing the overall balance. We must also take into account our consciousness limitations and incapability of understanding problems in their broader context. We do not posses neither knowledge, nor experience in cosmic diplomacy. A hasty assessment of political situation proves that we are not aware of how incomplete our knowledge is. Lack of such awareness bares total ignorance. I emphasize this, because, unfortunately, I frequently come across theories which do not acknowledge these dependencies.

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