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The Liberated Form

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The Liberated Form
The evolutionary process of a being relies on gathering various experiences and filling its space with information. It concerns the 'Self Space' or a being’s nullification zone (see article ‘Nullification Debt’). One gathers experience thanks to the form or a being, which reveals itself in physical forms at various densities. Along with the evolution of the form a being acquires consciousness and gathers experience. Thus, it fills its nullification zone with information.

When the quantity of information exceeds a zone's information capacity in a particular fractal configuration, then it is remoulded. It happens through mixing up of fractal levels (a natural development process of existential space) and leaping into another form of existence. Rejection of lower fractal levels enables the fractal leap. If this leap concerns reaching the last fractal level in existential space, it will lead to a situation called a liberated form.

This process takes place at the end of the evolution in the material worlds. These worlds are densities from second to fifth. It means that one may achieve a libearted form only just before reaching the sixth density. In a language of spiritual philosophy this transition is called the transition into the world of virgin spirit, that is ‘the Ascension’. Released space may continue gathering of new fractals but on a higher level…

From the moment of reaching an independent form, one partially gains contact with the sixth density. It is related with the possibility of direct conversations with beings living up there, thinking and perceiving in terms of sixth density, having access to knowledge and information and being entitled to acquire them.

A natural state of an evolving being is the separation of its parts at particular densities. The being is divided into ‘sections’ connected each other with special constructions. These are diffraction layers (subtle bodies) and diffraction centers (chakras) (see article ‘The Evolutionary Path’). After the fractals are joined, the borders disappear and the being’s field and its ‘sections’ are unified. It is revealed by a decline of centers (chakras). The field becomes uniform and its power is much higher. The being is now able to accept much more content in its nullification zone; algorithms, structural mass and it can be connected with the general ‘power of the environment’. It is also a leap into a higher level of consciousness. The consciousness here is not divided into parts belonging to particular densities but forms one whole. It facilitates a contact with all zones simultaneously. The consciousness accumulates, giving a much better effect thana sum of its parts.

It is impossible to reach a liberated form by request. It may only happen at the end of evolution. Moreover, a being must be balanced in its development. It means that one cannot fall into arrears with any evolutionary sphere (see article ‘Rules of the Consciousness Development’). If one used forbidden techniques to join fractal levels by force (to crush layers and diffraction centers) he could die (conventionally, a body at fifth density will survive). Even if the whole being is ready for a transition, it is still very dangerous and sometimes fatal. For making this operation completely safe, it must be controlled form the sixth density.
A liberated form significantly improves the cosmic status of a being.

This, in turn, authorizes it to undertake responsible and difficult tasks.

This is a leap into a higher level in the hierarchy of the Universe.

A being in a liberated form has much more rights than a ‘normal’ being. It has passed the evolutionary exam in all required disciplines. It also possess greater causative power due to the unification of a field and a higher consciousness. It doesn’t mean that it may do everything. The being also comes under the cosmic law and must comply with environmental restrictions.
At present, (the end of August 2011) there are 1863 beings in a liberated form on Earth.

The number is growing. Till the end of 2012 there should be 8000 people in a liberated form. This number is one of the conditions of the success of the Wave. People in a liberated form are able to lift the burden of space transformation. That is why their presence is necessary. ‘Normal’ people will not stand the transmition of necessary quantity of algorithms for space rebuilding. Especially as the average level of people’s consciousness is very low. In addition, people in the liberated form are necessary for increasing the cosmic status of a civilization. The civilization in the form as it is now has no cosmic status.

The sixth density is working hard to help the required number of people to reach the liberated form. However, the whole environment must increase the level of consciousness in order to enable this number of liberated people to appear on Earth. For  the balance between the environment and the liberated ones is required. The space is not able to bear too many of them in the current state of the environment. However, shall they not exist, the future of the civilization will not be continued…

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