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Human evolutionary path

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Autor: Joanna Rajska


I believe that the existence of an abundance of life in the Universe is nothing strange for the readers.

I think there’s no need to start from the convincing argument that a human being is not the only being in the Universe.


However, the complexity and ambiguity of the issue will be surprising for many. Because people are used to very simple theories about it. However, we must realize the fact that the Universe is an enormous design that is definitely not as simple as it is often portrayed. Bringing the knowledge about the Universe to simple theories leads to many misunderstandings and mistakes in assessments and thus mistakes in behavior.

Proper development of the subject requires writing a book (I’m going to do it in a short time). Here however, with regard to the fact that it’s just an article, I will have to use great mental shortcuts. The reader should realize, that the issues will be explained very briefly, and should not expect from it the answers to numerous doubts coming to his mind.


Life exists on the densities from second to sixth inclusive.

There are civilizations on the third and fourth density.

There are – beware! – 300 000 000 civilizations in our galaxy.


Life is adapted to the physical environment. Adjustment and development objectives are included in the so-called evolutionary path. In addition to the environmental adaptation each path involves a specific type of development. It should lead to gather a variety of experiences and to create beings with specific characteristics. There are more that 20 major types of evolutionary paths. Within their framework, on any planet or in fourth density area, individual paths for each civilizations are created. Their members have very different characteristics. There are civilizations focused on technology, the study of the Universe, others on internal development. There are warriors conquering others or those who defend from conquest. There are those, who hire themselves out for various tasks. There are great empires, which cause life or decay. Sowers of life form the genetic matrix and become creators of beings. There is such diversity in the Universe, that you cannot even imagine. You can be almost certain that any, even the most fantastic option we would come up with, really exists somewhere.


Civilizations and beings on evolutionary paths are on the all possible stages of development.


As I mentioned above, there is more that 20 types of evolutionary paths but the most common one is the bottom-up path (about 90% of the cases). Only some of the creatures are on the other, non-standard paths. These are usually beings assigned to perform specific tasks. They have a predetermined destiny. Others build themselves in the long process of evolution and, at least in the beginning, do not have a specific destination. When they are mature to decide they choose such destination on their own.

Of course, the type of bodies and the purpose of evolution for the given species are adapted to environmental conditions. It does not have to be like on Earth. Nevertheless, in the certain regions of space, there are similar types of bodies deriving from the same main model.


But let’s focus on the evolution of man.


A man is multidimensional. It means that their parts are simultaneously at several densities. On the third density (the world that we see) a man has a body. On the fourth density they have the mind – this is a specific physical construction composed of fourth density matter. From the second density human body gets particles that convert to the electrons, that is, the energy.


On the fifth density, a man has a body made of matter of this density, which we call corpus supremum – the highest body. In short called corsup. In esoteric it is referred to as casual body or manas. Corsup is relatively immortal. Relatively, because it falls apart during the transition of a being to the sixth density. This transition is called a transition into the world of spirit. This world is a pure consciousness, not embedded in the matter. Moreover, the possession of the corsup does not guarantee immortality. Many beings cannot stand the requirements of the evolution and they fall apart. Here I refer to the article Reptilians”.


Also, not all evolutionary paths provide for the transition of the beings to the sixth density.


The whole (man on densities) construction is placed in seven-dimensional “Self” space. It is the space isolated from general world space for a being. The being gets it for an individual development. In this space, all the experiences, that the being added there, are recorded with a special program.


All parts of a man are connected with each other with so called transition shapes. Actually, it should be told that there is a smooth transition between the densities. It is carried out thanks to the fractal structure of the whole reality. Fractals of the subsequent levels, or in other words, successive fractals creating levels, at the same time create the transition from density to density. These levels belonging to a different world, create for a man invisible for his eyes body layers. In esoteric they are called subtle bodies. In our nomenclature they are named diffraction coats. There are centers in the coats, these centers are the transition shapes, mentioned above. These are the additional fractals, in which diffraction of the waves takes place and particles (consisting of waves) turn into a different density particles. Diffraction centers are known as charkas.


A development of a being (not just human) means adding subsequent fractal layers up and compacting information of the “Self” space. When the information capacity of the particular space layer is exceeded, a collapse with a simultaneous leap into the next level happens. These are complicated processes conditioned by a number of principles of fractal structure and fractal dynamics. It’s description requires writing several volumes of very difficult space physics.


It should be noted, that in human bodies do not necessarily live only native Earthlings. At this time, there is exceptionally large number of strangers, who are here in order to observe this interesting time during the passage of the wave, or their task is to carry the civilization out through the wave and to organize future life on our planet. There are also such of them, who would like to conquer the planet. Interests are varied. Predominantly, they are on higher than average levels of consciousness and on non standard evolutionary paths. They look exactly like Earthlings, but inside they are different.


The primary assumption of the human evolutionary path was raising consciousness on the basis of blocking perception of the fourth density.


Isolation from the world was to reduce stimulus senses in favor of more internal, out of senses and cognitive model of the perception. It was supposed to facilitate the perception directly from the “Self” space, as well as reading from structural grids and Diamond Consciousness Networks. Did we succeed? Rather not, because Reptilians interfered and reduced genetic matrix to the perception of only the third density. A man became completely blind and dumb. Did not see anything.


The process of human evolution on the bottom-up path


The bottom-up evolution begins for the individual at the moment of creaing it from the matter of egregore. Egregore is the material form, in this case on the fifth density, programmed in a certain way. Egregore programs are contained in the plan of evolutionary path. In the world that we see, egregores manifest themselves in the form of different cultures, nations, religions and other minor and major differences (see art. “Egregores”).


A man cannot easily change egregore's programming in himself. That is why there are such fights among representatives of different egregores. People derived from them mostly reproduce programs of their egregores and cannot adapt or tolerate the other egregores.


Egregore produces a form on the fifth density, which is usually identified with the soul.


Egregore beings are trial and disposable. They have no real corsup (they have pre-corsup) and thus no automatic ability of individual reincarnation. The space of their “Self” is not in their private possession. They inhabit it only temporarily. After their death, another creature enters the space, usually from the same egregore. If many beings had already passed through the “Self” space and it’s already “developed”, the being staying there has a chance to perform a development leap and to be upgraded to a relatively immortal being. It happens when the being (in this case human) increases its consciousness. It will be appreciated and after his death he’ll get the real corpus supremum. From this moment, he begins his personal evolution.


Pre-corsup and corsup differ in structure, function and capabilities.


A beginning corsup has potentially much greater possibilities than a mature pre-corsup. First of all, it has a completely different cosmic status and creates the mind of a higher class.

A man from egregore (with pre-corsup) does not have and individual reincarnation. Hence the believe that the reincarnation does not exist. Indeed, for this people it does not. Are there exceptions? No. There are about 85% of such people on the Earth now. Corpus supremum has it’s structure similar to the others from the same evolutionary path, but it is not identical. This body can be compared to a computer disc which should be filled with data and programs. The more data and programs the more opportunities. This record evolves by itself enabling increasingly complicated internal connections. This builds the knowledge and consequently the consciousness.


Consciousness is a combination of a being’s structure and Consciousness Networks. Consciousness Networks are – in great short – data network for the entire Universe (I refer to the book).


These connections enable the being to have consciousness. The more extensive it is, the higher awareness of the being can be. The connections are formed at different levels of the Networks. The higher the level of the Networks, the higher knowledge requires creation of connections. Knowledge is created by mutual combinations of data and programs.


The process of filling the corpus sepremum with knowledge and awareness took on earth about 1 500 to 1 700 births. Till now, 3% of all incarnated by egregores beings succeeded.


Development of corpus supremum is divided into three main stages.


First stage: Getting this structure and slow development. Arduous gathering of experience, mostly at random. Corsup is at this time guarded by a guardian of the fifth density. The guardian is more advanced in the development than their ward, and not incarnated. It controls the implementation of the evolutionary path plan. Sometimes intervenes in the moments of extreme danger. In everyday life is unlikely to help. This is the being who decides the type of incarnation. The young corsup is not very aware and active. It is said that it sleeps. During this time, a person is “ideologically” connected with an egregore, usually with that one that he derives from. It takes essence from the egregore and sympathizes with values it represents on third density.


The second stage: Independent. This stage is reached if the corsup is filled with information in about 70%. It is already awake and active. It is conscious and can decide their own destiny and evolution. Till now, he chooses incarnation on his own and undertakes tasks to do. This is a dangerous moment in the development, because it isn’t too smart yet and can be reckless. Here, he is in danger of becoming the drifting towards decay. It is possible at any time of the corsup’s development but it is more likely in this moment. The drifting towards decay pulls its evolution back. It happens because of an inharmonious development that interferes with its own balance over “Self”. It’s possible to become the drifting towards decay at any stage of corsup’s development. There are more than a few beings that are drifting towards decay (10–15% beings with corsup) (see article “Reptilians”).


Going through this stage of the evolution is very difficult for the personality. It means total detachment from the egregore, that is from the community which the being identified itself with. From this moment it is left alone. It is torn between what it was strongly attached to till now, and the compelling need of breaking this ties. Such moments are shocking and difficult to survive.


From this moment the creature has a kind of space status and can get some important mission, for example, can become a real lightworker. However, he needs to be stabilized on this level and not only during the transition. Currently, there are about 25 000 of lightworkers of that kind on Earth. There is also a gradation of competence and power among them. They are the lightworkers of so called second circle. Several dozen of them are lightworkers of the first circle, but they are already on the next level of evolution.


At present, there are about 120 000 of people on this level (independent) or higher on Earth.


After the completion of individual stage, a man crosses the next border and enters a stage called self-thinking. This occurs after reaching about 90% of the evolution. At the same time, the development must be balanced. It means that all of the required functions must be harmonized. From this moment, a being is treated seriously as someone responsible or understanding. This is already the high level of awareness. These creatures get serious missions to perform on a global scale (i.e. lightworkers of the first circle). They have also a high cosmic status. They should be taken into account and must not be hurt (i.e. kidnapped or submitted to experiments). It takes only from fife to seven incarnations from the moment of reaching the level of self-thinking to the total completion of the evolution on fifth density. With a high level of consciousness, a development is much faster than with a low level.


Having reached the total development on the fifth density, the corsup collapses and the consciousness transits to the sixth density. It is the last collapse of the existential space fractal, after which the matter of corsup is dispersed. We can say, that this is death of the corsup. All programs and structural algorithms break down. They were needed for building awareness. They served as “scaffolding” for the construction of consciousness. All the existential structures have the same purpose. Life for just itself has no sense. Life is on the service of consciousness. The being, that does not try to raise consciousness, does not deserve to survive, in terms of the Universe.


Automatically living creatures reprocess the material of the Universe at its basic level. But they do not have their own individuality. Something more is required from independent beings, having an individual course of development.


After death of the corsup, the being becomes pure consciousness. It remains an individual – even more individual than in any previous form. Its “body” is built on Diamond Consciousness Networks, embedded in individual “Self” space. Here development means transformation of this space. Beings from sixth density still incarnate in the third and fourth densities. They sometimes need it for their own development. Moreover, such beings rises the development of others, check out how the life looks like on designed by them evolutionary paths, etc.

These creatures have the highest cosmic status. They rule civilizations where social relations are correct. The being of lower than sixth density has no right to be a leader in high developed civilizations. At this time there is only a few dozen of sixth density beings on Earth. There are no conditions for them, they are discriminated and fought. The majority of beings are with pre-corsup, and should not take decision-making positions. In civilizations functioning properly, they would have been treated as children, with motherly concern. On earth, where there are pathological relations, is exactly the opposite. Children powerfully rule their parents. They tied, gagged and threw into basement their wise parents. “The old is gone, free chat, let's have a party”. They are naughty to such extend, that they have already totally devastated their house (the planet) and by taking part in a carefree party, fooled by stimulants, joyfully head for self-destruction.


Having reached the maximum of development on sixth density, which takes about 300 000 earth years, the being goes to the seventh density. During the transition, the being's “Self” space runs into “Self” space of other beings. Indeed, it’s a union of the space of the Universe. This is the true Unity, which is told in esoteric writings. It occurs only in the seventh density.


People often confuse the term of unity with empathy. These two values have nothing in common. They have even completely different essence. Empathy in short is compassion, but the seventh density beings cannot even feel beings that are below their level. Beings from seventh density have almost no interest in the material ones. They just observe the overall balance of the space. If the maintenance of the balance requires the elimination of some parts of the space, they will do it without “batting the eye”. The seventh density beings can get information and feelings from material worlds only by the creation of special beings, with whom they have direct contact. Such beings are their own avatars. They can unite with them through special channels of communication. Only in this way they can experience, what is happening in the material worlds.


After the end of the world’s existence, some seventh density beings are incorporated into the Core, that is to the next Universe, but as a part of a Core not an individual being. There will be absorbed only such beings, who represent the values that the Core at the moment prefers.

Here ends the whole journey of the being, between chaos and consciousness.


But let’s go back to more mundane subjects. Important as well as interesting is the relationship between corsup and personality.


Personality is a “product” of DNA, the environment and the egregore, which means pre-corsup or corsup.


An important part of the “man” system is the mind on the fourth density. It creates personality along with the body on the third density, and the coating system with diffraction centers. The mind is formed from the fifth density program and by environmental influences. Its quality is varied. Pre-corsups’ minds are of lower class than corsups’. Moreover, the quality of the mind deriving from corsup, largely depends on the corsup’s level of evolution. People’s minds are fundamentally different. The mind of the beginning pre-corsup is incomparable to the mind of self-thinking being. Content of the human mind with pre-corsup is the result of the environment programming and egregore. Independent thinking here is very little (fractions of a percent). Such mind mainly performs the programs and its thinking is primarily based on logic. The logic is the least advanced and the least efficient thinking process. As an evolutionary level of the corsup increases and thus the mental level, new forms of thinking begin to appear. At first, the synthetic thinking, as a result of knowledge and leading to knowledge. There are many levels of synthesizing knowledge.


Knowledge leads to a connection of the mind with the Diamond Consciousness Networks. If the connection is extensive, the synthesis is extensive as well. Such thinking does not require a logical sequence. You can see all the dependencies at the same time.


In addition, the minds of beings of independent and self-thinking levels, can move thoughts directly from the fifth density, even from the corsup's consciousness level. Such thinking is capable to capture almost infinite number of variations at the same time. This is the depth of consciousness. Furthermore, such mind is creative. It can create something completely new, that has never been before in the environment.


The minds of lower classes can only play the existing reality. It’s even difficult for them to adapt a “model” of thinking that is different from the familiar so far “models”. Such minds think that think, while reproducing only ready mental blocks, which make up the convictions.


The minds of embodied beings from sixth density have an access to the mental categories of that density. These are completely different categories from those generally known. They usually will not be acceptable for others.


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