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Nullification Debt

Autor: Czwartek, 25 sierpień 2011 00:00   Czytany 15851 razy

Nullification debt is a physical law that regulates relations between allocated fragments of space.
These relations are complicated processes included in the space physic rules. They are being examined now and the outcome is yet to be published. They will probably occur in our third book  ‘Between Chaos and Consciousness – Hyperphysics Level IV’. Below, I’m going to describe some of the symptoms of this law's effects.

In the subtitle ‘A Karmic Debt’ I suggested there is a convergence between the laws of space physics and the Eastern philosophy. The law of space physics was known there, however due to the lack of concrete scientific notions, it was presented as philosophical and religious concepts. Space physics will describe this law in the modern language of science.

Space of the Universe is divided into parts belonging to individual beings. This space is called the nullification zone. In esoteric nomenclature of psychology it is synonymous to the 'Self Space'.  The Self Space belongs to both a great being and an elementary particle.

The individual nullification zones establish relations between each other. If there is no balance between zones, space strains in one direction.

Disequilibrium appears when one of zones gives all values to the other and the other one doesn’t balance them by giving its values back.

‘A value’ is a simplified concept here. In fact, it’s about the flow of algorithms, space factors, elements and other space relations that are difficult to present. The tension appears in the direction of the zone that takes things without repaying with an adequate return.


Each movement in space influences all relations.

There are several combinations of relations between nullification zones and the arrangement  of powers in space. However, we are not going to go into such details. They will be described in our next book.

These space relations influence concrete relationships between beings, environments, celestial bodies, civilizations and the whole regions of the Universe. The structure of dependencies is fractal, like everything in the Universe.

Take a look on reciprocal relationships of beings. In practice, a relationship is based on taking something and giving something back. It may be any information, knowledge, service, cooperation, support etc. A debt is created while benefiting from somebody’s work without paying for it, destroying the environment or people, arousing negative emotions in others, disturbing and making life difficult for somebody etc. In our world, it is money that mediates in settlements and rewards for everything may be given in a form of a financial gratification. Space accepts such a system because thanks to money a man gains other values. Everything may be converted to money, which is one of the ways of settling space debts. Whether it is a good way or not – that’s a different matter. Anyway,  the life is created in a way that people without money are not able to exist and for the time being money is the major gratification.

In order to maintain the balance, beings starting a relationship should take out as much as they give. If the balance is not maintained, it will lead to a tension. It appears when one of the parts is more active than the other. Any predominance will lead to a tension directed to the opposite part. It works like the pressure that moves in the direction of lower pressure until it equalizes.

Looking into it from the perspective of human relations, humans should take out as much as they give back. Only then the balance and good human relationships are maintained.  

It results from the fact that unselfish giving without getting an adequate return doesn’t exist. Sole giving doesn’t turn to giver nor taker account. The unselfishness doesn’t’ matter here. The laws of physics function regardless of what we think about it. If one part of a relationship gives more than the other, there is a high tension in the direction of a taker. If the taker doesn’t owe much to the giver and he is a relatively conscious being, he will try to counterbalance or not to increase his debt. If he isn’t able to pay for gifts from the giver he will not accept them because he feels uncomfortable and burdened with debt.

The reaction to debt depends significantly on a being’s consciousness. The more conscious the being, the less willingly they make debts. Since debts limit the possibilities of action. Being a debtor or a creditor is equally unprofitable, especially when the debtor has made a high debt.   


 Why is it so?

Here is a surprise. What does the giver do if he has a very high debt to settle?
He attacks the taker.

This mechanism is very common in our world. People who owe much to others are often more than unjust to them. Children and teenagers are vicious towards their parents, to whom they owe everything they have. On the other hand, parents live too long, above the environment's expectations. Their lives are maintained artificially with all kinds of drugs. Impaired and not allowing their children to spread their wings, occupying the space and potential meant for the young generation, they build up tension in space.

Subordinates by robbing and abusing their gentle boss, who doesn’t harass them, run up a debt. As a result, they probably will be even more unfair and aggressive towards their boss. On the other hand, a boss who squeezes his good workers dry and doesn’t pay adequately to their job, will be changing into bigger and bigger terrorist. The number of examples is endless.

Hence the saying: ‘If you want to lose a friend, lend him money’.

The lack of balance between taking and giving leads to irrational and illogical human relations. It appears when a being, who owes much to the other, is often unfair and even aggressive towards the other. Hence the relation of a victim and an aggressor  (one of the options of such a relation).

How does the giver feel in such an imbalance? He feels weak and burdened. He couldn’t achieve things that he could if the tension didn’t exist. His life is getting worse and worse and he is not able to use his potential. All because of the tension.

Some people will treat this mechanism of growing debt as injustice and lack of love. They think that unselfish giving is a lofty idea and a cure to all evil. Is it really so? If we take a closer look into it, we will realize it is quite the contrary.

In the environments that work properly, the mechanism of the nullification debt guarantees justice and excludes exploiting one person by the other. It demands from all beings an equal evolutionary effort because it is impossible to gain values at the expense of sombody else. It is impossible to steal other’s accomplishments or use other’s evolutionary achievements. Even if one gets help, he must pay for it. Gaining money requires a lot of effort and creation which counts as work for personal development. One must remember that absolutely nothing is for free. Each step in space is registered and settled.

On the other hand, one shouldn’t consider space dependencies in simple configurations. It is difficult to perceive true relationships in a complex environment.

Sometimes these relationships go back in time to other incarnations and are not necessarily individual. Since they concern not a being itself but a nullification zone, which a being lives in. As for the beings coming from egregors (beings with pre-corsups) (see article 'The Evolutionary Path') a being inherits the nullification zone from beings that occupied it before. As a result it also inherits the content of this zone and partially lives the values of beings that used to be in this area before. That is why the effects of a being’s existence and its behavior are unclear for the environment. The being’s life companions sometimes behave unclearly and illogically towards him. Their behavior may be a result of space debts which were incurred much earlier than these beings were created. This is why it is difficult to determine a balance of mutual relationships. How should we behave then? There is no rule for that. The only hint is that we should follow our inner pressure for taking particular actions. This is not an ideal hint, however, because being’sdetermined behaviors are the outcome of encoded programs. Distinguishing one from another is really difficult and requires a deep look inside oneself.

The same rules are obligatory for beings with corsups, that is beings with an individual reincarnation. However, they are responsible for their actions. The bill sometimes must be paid throughout many incarnations. It is difficult then to perceive reasons of particular events and relations between people.

The same dependencies are obligatory for relationships between civilizations in the Universe. The unselfishness doesn’t exist there and one shouldn’t expect it from others. Unselfishness and sacrifice are perceived as offence and arethe evidence of lack of basic knowledge about the reality. It is also naïve to think that any alien civilization that pays compliments, says pleasant things and promises unselfish help, will really do so.This civilization makes such promises only to manipulate others and one shouldn’t’ believe in their fulfillment. Unselfish giving is physically impossible due to the laws of physics. Sooner or later such a relationship will lead to a catastrophe. Even if support will be ‘given’, it must be paid back in the future.

A good example of such a situation is our relationship with the Reptilians. They came on Earth 300 000 years ago (in the fourth density) and offered people a possibility of looking into fourth density. It wasn’t possible throughout the human’s evolutionary path. Because of that the offer was very attractive for people. However, the Reptilians did not warn people, they would have to pay dearly for it, by giving back their independence and becoming slaves. Moreover, people did not gain a look into the fourth density. Just the opposite. The gift from the Reptilians deprived us of any insight. This is how we pay for accepting gifts and thinking they are sincere gifts.

The civilizations having good intensions do not  promise castles in the air for free.This is a lie.They rather offer honest trade and political agreements.

In the natural environment a being that is in debt, is attacked by this environment. The being falls into chaos. He starts to experience strange and unpleasant situations: falls ill, loses support and makes himself unpopular etc. The powers of space that causes all above situations, try to eliminate a parasite. It is a restrictive warning and all beings that possess general knowledge, are aware of that. Therefore, proper relationships always take settlements into consideration. Giving without taking a payment is for the environment or a being like a Trojan horse. For it causes unfavorable tensions, which consequently lead to chaos. Giving for free is also unprofitable for the giver. If the environment has a high debt and is not able to redeem this debt, it tries to remove the creditor.

Although debt settlement in space is obligatory, in our world the executioners are having a great time. Bloodsuckers of all types exploit their victims with success and nothing bad happens to them. It is so because the human surroundings and relations are completely pathological. It is not a cosmic pattern but its absolute distortion. Those fair relationships are inverted here. Such an environment should not survive. It is an alternative of reality the the Universe annihilates. The situation that takes place on Earth is temporary. It is being eliminated now. We are observing the last breath of the earthly civilization in this form.

It is the consciousness that is especially valuable, precious and dear. Obviously, the consciousness is the aim of development and the only thing that matters in the final game. No form will survive. The form was called into being to create the consciousness. Only consciousness is eternal and the form (life) is in its service.

People engaged in activities that help directly to developf consciousness  are the givers of the most precious values. It happens so because space is programmed on development. Everything that brings an additional value is awarded by space. For this reason spiritual teachers should be richly rewarded. In the past, it was said not in vain that one should bring to his spiritual teacher a peck of gold. Some people can’t understand why spirituality must be paid for with money. However, it is nothing unusual. In the world where one’s existence depends on money and life without it is impossible, money is an equivalent for the teacher’s contribution to the development of space. A student paying generously to his teacher does not owe anything to him. It is a comfortable situation for the student. Whereas the teacher assures himself a security as the indebted environment is a fatal threat to him. There are a lot of similar examples in the world history. Most of the people who were locomotives of the civilization and the mankind owes them everything, they rarely led a worthy life and did not die a natural death. Very often they were condemned, ridiculed, rejected and even tortured and killed in a cruel way. People who led a pleasant life were the customers of their achievements. However, as the saying says ‘Punishment is lame but it comes’. They will pay for that. If a being with corsup incurs debts, they will be added to the being’s nullification zone and in future incarnations the balance must be redressed.  If it concerns a person with pre-corsup, he must suffer the extreme punishment – a death penalty. He will be removed from the 'Self Space' and in this way deprived of his further evolution. A being with a high debt will not be promoted in his evolution. For the Universe obviously does not promote parasites.

The earthly civilization is convinced that it should pay for typical matrix activities. Nobody opposes against paying e.g. for shoes. However, there is a conviction that one does not have to pay or even should not for intellectual or spiritual work. Such an attitude is an effect of the Reptilian manipulation. It is a very clever way to eliminate those people, who try to bring back the consciousness to the manipulated beings and thus destroy the Reptilian order. A conscious man escapes from their influence and the Reptilians lose ‘a milking cow’.

In the world we live in, lack of money leads to the elimination from life. Therefore a man who will not receive a salary for his job as a teacher has to find another source of income. As a result he will not have the time, strength and possibility to ‘proclaim a heresy’.

In the Universe, developed beings (including the Reptilians) know very well how these mechanisms work and nobody requires unselfishness or devotion from others.

Humans do not know these mechanisms. However those more developed subconsciously know that it is not worth incurring debts. Such people are rarely exploiters. They are also healthy assertive. For it is not worth to be neither a debtor nor a creditor as space sooner or later will exact its debt from us. There is no help for it. None of our wishes and beliefs about reality will change the general cosmic laws.

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