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Heart, love, enlightenment

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When discussing spirituality, sooner or later the subject of heart is raised. Opening your heart, thinking through your heart, feeling from your heart - what is the meaning of all this?

While reading various opinions and studies, I did not encounter any attempt at explaining this issue. Admittedly, I did not read all available literature, thus I cannot say with certainty that such studies do not exist. I noticed, however, that people tend to use these expressions without actually defining them. In our research we have been also dealing with this problem. Let me provide a brief description of this issue in terms of extraterrestrial science. They are explained in our book and in my articles.

By ‘heart’ we do not mean an internal organ itself, but the heart chakra. Most people seem to have a superficial knowledge of what heart chakra is. It surely exists and that is all. Meanwhile each chakra - or as we call it ‘diffraction centre’ - is a transition point between densities within the structure of a being.

In the case of the heart, it is a transition to the mind at the fourth density.

The concept of mind is understood in many different ways. Buddhists believe that there is only one mind and it belongs to the Universe. Other schools of thought consider mind as a burden that limits our thinking. In the latter case the mind is identified with analytical and logical thinking. In the former case the mind is recognized as all that is consciousness. This point of view is only partly true - the mind of the Universe has a fractal structure consisting of single being’s minds.

Our definition of the mind:

It is in the mind that the lowest manifestations of being’s pure consciousness towards reality appear. It is a manifestation of capability of decoding information from the higher density to the lower.

Our body, and more specifically our heart, serves as the mind for the second density. It is here that the transfer of information from second density occurs. Thanks to this process, we get the ability to feel the essence of nature. Beings capable of receiving signals from heart, are also sensitive to impulses emitted from nature’s deepest spheres. They can receive impulses from other planets and creatures (this should not be confused with empathy which is the function of our mind at the fourth density). If this sensation is not supported by mental analysis (on the fourth density) and comprehension, it remains in the sphere of vague feelings. The heart is not a place for such analysis.

Feeling via heart is typical for animals. That is one of the reasons they can sense danger or natural disasters. They receive impulses from the second density and then their heart (the mind for the second density) commands appropriate behavior (via brain). This is not, however, the right place to describe this complicated process.

The mind at the third density, i.e. mainly our brain and nervous system, decodes the information from the fourth density, while the mind at the fourth density decodes the information from the fifth density (at least theoretically).

The mind at the fourth density has its mass and material construction. It is constructed from fourth density particles. We usually refer to it while speaking of the mind as such. In our nomenclature, the mind is defined as an operational structure at the fourth density. It is here that most of the processes of thinking, feeling, empathy, energy balance and consciousness are conducted. Each of the above-mentioned activities is represented by a separate mind center. I need to stress that the mind is a concrete material construction at the fourth density, connected with the body via diffraction centers (chakras) - the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. Heart muscle has nothing to do with it. The centre is simply located in the same area. But the fact is that dysfunctions of the heart chakra tend to manifest themselves as heart muscle disorders, as impulses from the heart chakra affect the functioning of the heart. Analogically, impulses from the solar plexus chakra affect what happens in stomach.

Obviously, since the heart is the mind for the second density, influences from the fourth density, partly via the heart, have an effect on the second density processes, i.e. collection and transformation of particles supplying energy to our bodies. This, in turn, affects our health and condition. Therefore, any kind of perturbation at any density (any part of the being) impacts the whole system. Due to this dependence, our thinking, feeling, emotions and consciousness have influence on our body, while the body influences all those functions. Those systems are interconnected and cannot be examined separately.

Diffraction centers (chakras) are transition shapes between densities. They are special fractal structures within which the diffraction of density occurs. Here third density particles transform into fourth density particles and vice versa, while second density particles transform into third density particles. Let me skip further description of this process. It is very complicated and based on spatial physics.

Solar plexus centre connects the body with the mind as such, whereas heart centre connects the body with mind’s consciousness. Those two centers interest us at the moment. For the record, however, I will briefly describe other five centers. The root chakra and so-called sexual chakra (not an adequate name) connect the body with the second density and also supply the life system with energy; the throat chakra distributes algorithms throughout the whole body; the brow chakra (between eyebrows) connects us with corpus supremum (fifth density) and the crown chakra (above the head) connects us with corsup’s consciousness.

Opening of individual centers involves a raise in a level of mind development and, as a result, in a level of consciousness. Each centre should activate itself automatically, as soon as the mind has matured to transition into higher quality. In the case of human beings, however, this process not necessarily turns out to be harmonious. Sometimes, although the mind has already activated the process, a being does not receive any signals, since his system is damaged and polluted, or environmental conditions stand in the way (pressure of low consciousness levels).

In order to stimulate diffraction centers, one needs to purify the mind and the body and pursue well-balanced mind development. It means, one mustn’t develop in only one direction or ignore any part of the mind. Empathy is often the most neglected and forgotten aspect. Meanwhile, in order to open the heart chakra, one needs to activate one’s empathy centre. Another important element is the ability to control one’s emotions. It is not possible to turn emotions off and it would not be advisable, however, they need to be guarded by consciousness. Emotions are not supposed to control us, we are supposed to control our emotions.

When the system mind consciousness-heart diffraction center does not function properly, and everything depends on the solar plexus chakra, a human being suffers bouts of violent emotion and feels the pressure to take any rash action. It does not matter what happens, as long as it provides excitement. A man unwittingly makes himself vulnerable to various problems and then gets deeply upset over them. In all this chaos, there is neither the mind balance nor the awareness of processes. Terrible things can happen. A man is plagued by personal disasters that he feels he does not deserve. The only salvation lies in activating the mind consciousness and the heart diffraction centre. Then the consciousness takes charge of the mind. It regulates all processes and prevails over them. Thanks to this, the human being acquires the capability of synthetic thinking. Thinking becomes deeper and wider; it does not require logical analysis. While still impermanent, it can be sensed as a stroke of inspiration or revelation. Eastern philosophy aptly calls it ‘the experience of insight’. It is a forcible entry of knowledge. When this condition perpetuates itself, and is accompanied by the required corsup level, synthetic thinking becomes permanently available.

Apart from managing the mind, consciousness also connects the mind (the being) with structural grids thus enabling access to information. This might manifest itself as phenomena of clairvoyance, premonitory visions, intuition and reception of the Core’s values. These values are received as sense of pride and loftiness. We call this sensation universal love.

Therefore the heart centre cannot be activated by force. This process should occur automatically after the mind has already started to operate on consciousness. Entrance into the mind consciousness is a very powerful experience, as well as a breakthrough in life, especially when it occurs for the first time since the beginning of one’s evolution. Another times in another incarnations are not as spectacular.


The transition to this level takes place by one rapid leap. A man suddenly becomes overwhelmed with indescribable happiness and freedom. Freedom primarily from old belief systems. He starts to observe reality as a movie that does not concern him. All beliefs he used to treat as moral guidelines and binding legal norms that he believed to be unavoidable - are suddenly seen as ridiculous. This experience is called mind awakening.

In old nomenclature, originating from Eastern philosophies, this phenomenon is known as enlightenment.

This is the first stage of enlightenment. Theoretically, it is possible for everyone to attain enlightenment, even for a being with pre-corsup (on condition that pre-corsup has reached maturity). In such case, enlightenment guarantees a promotion to the being with corpus supremum. The Wave we have been recently observing will make it easier for many people to achieve this stage of enlightenment.

Activation of the mind consciousness centre (and thereby opening of the heart diffraction centre) can occur only when the mind is highly developed, i.e. filled with knowledge, high-quality programs, algorithms. After the critical value for mind capacity is exceeded, fractal levels are brought together and there is a sudden movement to another fractal level. This higher level is what we call the mind consciousness. Connection with consciousness networks allows the being to receive so-called Core’s values, incredibly lofty and idealistic contents. Beings of higher levels of consciousness sense them very intensely.

Intensiveness of the reception process, its level and quality depend on the level of consciousness. The activation of the mind consciousness centre automatically activates the reception of the Core’s values (initially to a small extent). This is experienced by a man as a lofty feeling called love. However, paradoxically, the higher the level of consciousness, the less intense emotions stemming from the Core’s values reception. One could say that a being gets used to this process and perceives it as an obvious, unimpressive background. Powerful feelings are typical for the initial phase of adaptation to a new way of mind functioning after the first enlightenment. This paradox can be explained by the fact that most people tend to pay more attention to negative issues. Those who speak the loudest about love are usually those who have barely started their effort to become sensitive beings. The one who is love, does not think or speak about it, just like a man capable of walking does not analyze his steps. Only the one who has severe difficulties walking will pay attention to this activity.

The concept of ‘heart-thinking’, associated with so-called ‘spirituality’, brings a smile to my face. It has nothing to do with actual thinking through one’s heart, which, as I wrote above, involves the connection to higher layers of fourth density with the aid of the diffraction centre (chakra) located in heart area. It is also the reception of second-density impulses through one’s heart.

The connection between the body and the mind consciousness (via transition shape) gives insight into the Universe’s information, in other words, access to cosmic internet, i.e. structural grids and consciousness networks. In addition, it elevates the mind to higher spheres of the fourth density, where possessions or manipulations are no longer a threat. So-called negative emotions are also absent. On the one hand, in order for mind awakening processes to take place, the mind needs to prevail over emotions, on the other hand - in higher spheres of the fourth density a being is more or less isolated from negative emotions. It does not mean, however, that a being lacks them completely. They may arise from time to time, but they cannot dominate the mind. We mustn’t reproach ourselves for our feelings of anger, exasperation, aggression. Without emotions the human being in this environment would be helpless and doomed to extinction. Besides, the vision of the world as a place of ideal perfection, that deserves only love and approval, seems to be slightly ridiculous (at least to beings from densities lower than the sixth), and above all unrealistic. This way of thinking reveals lack of consciousness, not its outstanding level. Emotions should also be distinguished from temperament, i.e. the form of expression. A person with a fierce temper, very lively, active, even noisy, may come across as hot-headed. This is not necessarily truth. Despite emotional outbursts, they often remain internally calm and focused. Meanwhile, a phlegmatic person, quiet, calm on the outside, may be internally wrecked by fits of violent emotions. Excuse the small digression, but it is important for readers not to judge themselves or others by appearances.

Enlightenment (the first stage of mind awakening) is not the only significant leap in a level of consciousness. There are two more stages. They may be attained only by beings of higher levels of corsup consciousness. The second enlightenment is available only for independent beings. The third - for self-thinking. At the second stage of enlightenment, beings start to recognize themselves as elements of the Core. We call it sense of oneness. This is not, however, an actual cosmic unity. The unity occurs only at the seventh density, whereas here (in the mind) beings can experience a deep connection with the Universe, which can give them a taste of unity. It also brings a sense of security and liberates from fear of death.

The third stage of mind awakening involves connection of the fourth density mind to the consciousness at the fifth density. From this moment, thinking in the categories of fifth density becomes possible. This type of thinking is holistic and complex, based on third-generation algorithms, which provides the possibility to comprehend a great number of mutual dependencies at once. It does not require a logical chain. It means knowing. Such knowledge reduces the probability of making a mistake, as the mind operates solely on combinations of algorithms permissible by conditions of phase space.

This is the reason why enlightened people tend to inspire trust in others and why they should dictate the conditions. In our current civilization, especially in Western culture, enlightened beings are usually denounced as know-it-alls, due to the lower sphere mentality. Beings with pre-corsup are not capable to understand more advanced categories of thought. Democratic distribution of competences has resulted in people from higher spheres having no voice. They were crushed to dust and erased from public life by weakly developed majority, who - despite their incompetence - consider themselves owners and rulers of the world.

At higher levels of consciousness, the experience of affects and emotions is very subtle. This also applies to the feeling of love interpreted as fondness, affection, tenderness. This type of emotional reception is typical for lower densities. At the fifth and especially at the sixth density emotion is absent. The being intensely receives values of the Core, i.e. information of the Universe. These values, as the reader can no doubt guess, are by no means sentimental. They are lofty, powerful, overwhelming. Beings emanating these values are not cuddly teddy-bears. They are perceived as majestic, cold-hearted, haughty, even terrifying. This results from incompatibility of algorithms. Lower beings may feel threatened by them, due to their fear of the unknown. This code has been applied by reptilians as a defense mechanism against messengers from higher spheres. Codes of the fear are now being instilled by HAARP devices, and unfortunately most people cannot resist them.

The rulers of the world do not like intruders treading on their toes, therefore they will not tolerate truly enlightened beings, as interactions with them are fraught with consequences, the major one being a general raise in level of consciousness thanks to their influence on space and providing algorithms of higher generation. From this results a growth in mass awareness and, consequently, a rebellion of enslaved beings. The leaders have always been persecuting enlightened beings, while promoting variety of theories on pseudo-enlightenment. People at early stages of awareness transformation tend to find the contact with such beings unpleasant, as it shifts their consciousness and purifies their minds. This may lead to the destruction of previous achievements, which usually manifests itself in the series of unpleasant events, such as depression or detachment from social relationships.

After this painful procedure, consciousness reaches the higher level allowing one to realize there is no use mourning over old structures, as they proved to be false and worthless. The higher level of consciousness offers a whole new reality, new worldview and new events - also of higher quality. After the corsupconsciousness has been activated and acquired by the mind, a man becomes truly independent. He does not struggle with ethical and mental dilemmas anymore. He understands interdependencies between phenomena and is not prone to neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ emotions. Much could be written about this state, but this is a topic for a different work.

Love - the subject so commonly found in literature, both popular and esoteric. Volumes have been written about it. No wonder, since it is one of the most powerful experiences available to a man, as well as a very pleasant and inspiring one. Love is experienced as a sensation of ‘pouring out’ of one’s inner essence along with ideas for other beings. It is an internal willingness and desire to bestow oneself upon someone else or community, in the broadest sense of the word. It includes altruism and selflessness.

This is what classifies the sensation as love. It applies to all categories of love presented below.

Where does this phenomenon come from?

First of all, it involves strong stimulation of the mind, in many areas simultaneously, generated by many impulses. All mind processes accelerate. This is the reason why people deeply in love are over-stimulated and their physiology changes. Stimulation at fourth density affects the most sensitive regulatory mechanism which is our endocrine system. The endocrine system is regulated by the mind. Hence the proverbial ‘chemistry’ between two people. Indeed, hormones responsible for attraction are being released. This ‘chemistry’ involves two sides: the environment (compatibility of physiological features) and the mind (compatibility of algorithms and programs). There is one more interesting and underappreciated mechanism of mutual attraction between people, i.e. nullification debt. Due to this debt, a person feels an irrepressible urge to strike up and sustain (at all costs) a relationship with someone they are indebted to. This is defined as destiny. Its detection is subconscious and extrasensory.

The same mechanism that evokes feelings of love can also cause feelings of hatred. The only difference between these feelings is that love involves stimulation of the consciousness centre, while hatred - does not. If the stimulation ceases, which is typical of less developed minds, love turns to hatred. At lower levels love is symptomized by series of brief arousals, before eventually disappearing or becoming hate.

Quality of love depends on consciousness level. On mind contents. Where there are many programs to apply, stimuli will encounter discontinuities (i.e. conduction gaps) and a person will not be able to cope with this process. The mind has a modest number of connection variants, thus impulses travel only through available routes. If the mind is filled with egoism and aggression, then moral and mental monsters come into being, such us jealousy, possessiveness, dependence, enslavement or submission to the object of love and desire.

Since the humanity is shaped on reptilian genetic matrix and reptilian values of collective consciousness, the above-mentioned contents represent the norm.

We are referring here to the original contents, which are usually, to a lesser or greater extent, softened up with an altruistic touch. The model matrix, however, still exists and functions. That is the reason why human love tends to be so dysfunctional, even caricatural.

Despite its flaws, the feeling of love is beneficial for human beings, as it stimulates the mind, which, in turn, results in new algorithm connections and creation of higher-generation algorithms. This leads to progress in consciousness.

It may seem paradoxical that a person with a well-developed mind, representing high consciousness level (on the fifth density), is not susceptible to this type of love. Why? The answer is simple. Such stimulation can occur only if there is enough space left in the mind. This is some sort of ‘mind clatter’. Without the space, the mind will not clatter. This is why adolescents, whose minds have not developed yet, are prone to earth-shattering feelings. ‘The clatter’ along with the pathological version of love occur also in elderly people, presenting an average level of consciousness. As far as mature people with well-developed minds are concerned, it is much more difficult to ‘rock’ their minds.

There is another type of love - entrance via consciousness centre into the wide Universe. I have described this mechanism above. It is the most desirable type, called universal love. It includes the reception of the Core’s values. Even here, however, the content entitled ‘love’ is absent.

The feeling of love is nothing more than a subjective impression produced by a human perception template (in the mind), formed under the influence of external stimuli.

Basically, the universal love does not have to involve interpretation of stimuli via perception template. It can exist independently. In such cases, it does not evoke above-mentioned feelings of excitement and ‘pouring out’. It is simply a state of understanding and acceptance. But even this sensation may serve as material for mental analysis. This applies mainly to lower class minds. Developed minds do not fall into ‘clatter’ easily. The reception of the Core’s values, however, may be experienced as some kind of excitement and lofty emotion, especially if it occurs incidentally. With their constant ‘flow’, this state is regarded as the norm and does not draw any special attention.

Another variant of love involves the reception of other beings via empathy centre. It brings sense of unity and compassion. The empathy centre has a task of receiving relations with other beings or objects. We classify it as a feeling, not accompanied by mental analysis. After the stimulus has already been received by the empathy centre, the feeling can be subjected to any kind of analysis. But this is a different mental process.

Solidarity and cooperation within egregor are also considered love. Warm feelings of solidarity and community spirit are frequently confused with feelings of universal love and unity. Meanwhile, the latter are based on completely different mechanisms and foundations. They also apply to higher levels of consciousness. Similarity stems from the fractal structure of reality. Phenomena are similar on individual fractal levels, but they differ in their scope and source. The aforementioned solidarity arises from egregor material. At higher levels it manifests itself as local awareness, at even higher levels - as awareness of the Universe.

There is a widespread belief that the feeling of love, reinforced by willingness to give, is a panacea for all maladies. According to popular belief, love is everything and everything is love. It is no wonder considering love’s impact and pleasantness.

But is it true? Not necessarily!

The sensation of ‘pouring out’ is nothing more than the form of expansion (probably less toxic than regular possessiveness and aggression).

The world would undoubtedly be a better place, if creatures were willing to cooperate with each other and treat each other with kindness. And instead of thinking ‘how can I take advantage of you?’, started to think ‘how can I help you?’. Everyone would have everything. But each action and its interpretation depend on a being’s level. Too much love can suffocate. Few are those who have not experienced it. Since these interactions are easily visible, there is no point dwelling on this subject. Everyone knows it from personal experience, but hardly anyone interprets it as negative consequence of the expansion of love.

This kind of behavior, i.e. the expansion of love, however delightful, does not guarantee justice, wise decisions, moving towards development. Making the right decisions is only possible when a man is not guided by emotional stimuli of pleasure and his thinking is ‘broad’, taking into account a great number of possibilities. If he is able to see things in wider perspective and respect common good, if he possesses extensive knowledge allowing him to predict the consequences of his own action. These are qualities of consciousness, not love. Unless we define the highest form of love as awareness and understanding. Except that this kind of love does not involve neither mind ‘clattering’, nor emotion, nor empathy, nor mindless, enjoyable expansion.


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