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Autor: Joanna Rajska


To many people the subject of Reptilians is a burning issue. Some investigate it methodologically while others are petrified with fear of these creatures and accuse them of everything bad in the world. There is a lot of confusion, inconsistency and controversy around this topic. No wonder, because the issue is very complex and doesn't concern Earth alone. I will try to outline the problem but I remark that its proper understanding is difficult and goes far beyond standard levels of consciousness.


Many of you might be baffled by this article. You'll wonder if I'm 'pro' or 'against'. To understand this problem one has to reach beyond the dualistic mindset. Moreover, to elaborate on it, I'll have to use terms that are not common in our everyday language. They come from extraterrestrial science and were introduced in our book 'Between chaos and consciousness – Hyperphysics'.


To explain this issue, we'll need very specific knowledge, not just some enigmatic speculations. All hitherto understatements and falsities are due to the lack of this knowledge.


The creatures known as Reptilians are rightfully existing beings in the Universe. They are an old evolutionary line dating back to the times when the qualities we consider valuable today were not present in the Universe. We need to understand that the Universe evolves and hasn't always looked they way it does now. Reptilians are creatures functioning according to old algorithms, that are no longer desirable. Yet, they still exist and it's not their fault that they were brought to life in such conditions. They, like us, want to develop and have every right to it. They are usually perceived as pure evil, but not all Reptilians are evil creatures (in our way of understanding evil). We need to remember that everything is relative. Everything has its causes and consequences and the actions of a particular creature can only be assessed based on their evolutionary effects.


Reptilians are fourth-density creatures under the reign of fith-density creatures. We call them Anunaki on Earth. They come from an ancient civilisation and at present incarnate within various civilisations. Most of them are creatures that drift towards decay (explained below).


Reptilians come from egregors distributed along the whole galaxy. They exist in both the third and the fourth density. Many planets are inhabited by beings from these old evolutionary paths. Their characteristic feature is a specific fractal structure that builds up towards the inside of the creature. This causes the 'suction' of information. This mechanism was needed back in the day when life and consciousness only begun to exist. It is the primary, essential phase of structuralisation. The suction of information results in focusing only on oneself, on egoism. Such a being doesn't realise one can take others into account. It is its only available pattern of acting - according to its innate program.


This program tells the creature to only choose options serving its own good. It's focused on forcing its own ideas of existing and surviving at any cost. It also judges others only by its own approach. It can't imagine any other way. It's thus suspicious and accuses others of foul intentions because it can't think differently. No co-operation or sacrifice should be expected of that creature.


Furthermore, the Reptilian program package is built on the basis of survival instincts. This is a program of a primitive predator. In humans, these instincts are located in the brain stem, which is the so called 'reptilian brain'. It is a primitive brain which for higher beings is an evolutionary residue.


Reptiles operate on the original algorithms of the universe. These algorithms choose only the desire to survive at any cost. Social favors, which are a higher form of functioning, are not possible. These higher forms appear during with the evolution and are it’s result. Since a being was created in an egregor of such a program, it’s hard to blame it for the way it is. It had bad luck to appear in such a place and time.


At this point, probably a clamor will be raised. What about free will? What do you mean by 'a being is a program'?


Well. yes it is. A being is a program. It may not sound very good and probably invectives will fall on me for that statement. But I cannot help that it is so. It is not me who created the Universe.


Free will?!


It exists only in minimal percent. On average - in material worlds from 0% to 10%.

The amount of free will which an individual has, depends on the level of their consciousness. The higher the level of consciousness the greater the level of free will. In our civilization, only a few hundred people have a free will at the level of 10 %. But it is not so bad because in the limitations of free will, all aspects of the environment are taken into account, including the type of the body, physical conditions on the planet, requirements of the evolutionary path. If we reject the initial constrains of the environment and consider only the options of the choice of behavior, in terms of available opportunities, the scope of free will will be greater.


I’ll also forestall objections coming from the belief that people have a free choice as to the quality of physical incarnation (social status, the quality of the body, wealth, talent, etc.). Why such a belief ? If it was so, probably almost everyone here could be accused of sadomasochism.


An incarnation can be programmed only by creatures at a higher level of development but even they cannot do it fully effectively. These are just isolated cases. The rest falls by the rule –“Eeny meeny, miny, moe. It might not be lofty but at least it lifts the guilt. Telling people that they are responsible for their fate is a manipulation of the Reptilians.


The issue of free will is the whole package of data, very complex, difficult and requires a lot of specific knowledge. There is no way to present it in a few sentences, and it shouldn’t be told in an oversimplified way.


Some of the unfortunates embodied in the reptilian evolutionary path, manage to transcend the selfishness and to go further in the development. But most of them drop out from this difficult path and become creatures drifting towards decay. Drifting towards decay, as the name suggests, is falling apart rather than developing. The fate of such a being is not to be envied. They do not know the joy, love or sublime feelings. Their existence is based on anxiety, fear and violence. They live in a state of complete hopelessness and are on a way to ultimate death. They can't even imagine that it could be differently. Beings drifting towards decay occur in all evolutionary paths, but there is especially many of them on the Reptilian paths. They are perceived as an embodied evil by the beings developing in the positive direction. That's partly right, because they really cause destruction, fear and suffering. I wouldn’t rush to condemn them completely because anyone who makes a cardinal mistake in development can become drifting towards decay. It does not have to be a horrible act. Just inharmonious development, like exaggeration in pursuing extreme mastery in a certain filed. This causes one sided development disturbing the balance of its being to such an extend that the being cannot maintain its existence. The matter should be, however, considered in the context of the whole evolution, not just one lifetime. We shouldn’t hasten with negative assessments because one should not count their chickens before they're hatched.


The universe does not condemn those drifting towards decay at all. It is just the opposite. Universe needs them because they bring badly deployed matter back to the first density.


It can already be seen from the given relations how complicated the problem is. And this is just a short glance at the whole issue. It is like a look through the keyhole.


Reptilian egregors exists on many planets, creating Reptilian civilizations. Such civilizations are i.e. the union of five civilizations in Orion and Cassiopeia. This civilizations are very willing to communicate with people giving “good advice”. Many people based their worldview on these messages.


The civilization on Earth is also a Reptilian civilization. It wasn’t established to exist in Reptilian programs but it has already been under their influence from 300 000 years. Even though only some egregors here are purely Reptilian, the rest has been infected with the Reptilian contents.


The beings who incarnated here had no choice, they had to exist in these conditions and try to develop despite everything. Earth has always been a very tough place for the beings evolving here. They had to participate in ambiguous relations. The positive side of this fact was the broadening of the thinking options, which 'fed' the developing consciousness.


Most of the Reptilian values are in the religious egregors. Dogmatism, intolerance, aggression against those who believe otherwise, suffering and martyrdom are typical Reptilian values. Nationalism and patriotism are their derivatives. The calling: “God, honor, homeland” is another consequence of this set of thinking.


There is also an egregor in which desire is the main value. According to the authors of this egregor, desire was to be an evolutionary drive. Such creatures are perceived as unpleasant for other beings. They strive for power, possession, meeting their hedonistic needs without regarding the results of such behavior. Due to their steadfastness, consistency and ruthlessness they often reach these goals.


There is also an egregor on Earth the can be called the egregor of martyrs. It promotes development through martyrdom. It sure is bad luck to fall into that company! The whole lives of these creatures are like a terrible nightmare. In addition, they think that they are saints. It turns out, however, that it is quite the opposite.


Reptilians are beings who incarnate in the third and fourth density. The earth was infested with Reptilians from the fourth density. Over hundreds of thousands of years, they manipulated lives and minds of people, from the fourth density. First of all they destroyed our DNA by breaking two of our threads. Initially man had four threads of third-density DNA. This non existing helixes enabled the reception of the second and third density and much greater insight into their one's mind and the connection with one's own part on fifth density. At present, most people don't even know about the existence of the mind. People think, that their mind is limited to the brain. Also most of our science is flawed because it does not take into account the broader range of reality than the one perceived with the senses truncated by the mutilated DNA. Why was it done? It is a broad and multithreaded issue. I will discuss two aspects of the case. Firstly, in order to manipulate people effectively, conditions had to be created in which the manipulated ones wouldn’t realize they were being manipulated. The best way was to deprive us of our means of perception. Then, everything could be done to us without our knowledge. We would think that it has to be like that, because we wouldn’t see that someone interferes into our lives.


Secondly, the Reptilians feed on fourth density matter. Human minds stimulated to show emotions provide them properly formed matter to feed on. Such a mind excretes plenty of particles, that they feed on. Only the emotions that we consider as negative (anger, hatred, aggression) provide the appropriate particles. Therefore, they created the world in such a way as to generate such emotions.

This mechanism is used by many beings, not only the Reptilian. There are also those that feed on discharges of emotions recognized by us as positive, such as exaltation, sentimentality, misunderstood love.


The fourth density Reptilians have controlled the life on Earth. Politics, economy, demography and industry ruining the planet were under their rule. They helped their compatriots to acquire the power and money. They guaranteed themselves the best positions in the structures of this world. Why did they do it since they inhabit the fourth density? In order to make such conditions on Earth that would ensure the production of necessary matter at the fourth density. They designed our civilization the worst possible way. At present, the state of beings is absolutely pathological. Everything is the opposite from what it should be. It is terrible for the inhabitants of the planet and it has always been like that. For them it’s great. The production of the matter at the fourth density is huge because of the fact that people mainly suffer here.


In April of 2010 the coalition of Reptilian civilizations lost a great galactic war. As a result they were forced to leave the planets they're currently occupying, including Earth. Their algorithms are being removed and the incarnation of beings in their evolutionary paths will be limited.


Now there are significantly less Reptilians at the fourth density in the area of Earth, but there is still a Reptilian tribe at the third density, meaning in our world. These are people coming from typical Reptilian egregors or incarnated Reptilians themselves (with higher levels of consciousness than the ones from egregors). They are often on major positions in governing structures. They are presidents, prime ministers, dictators, the owners of the banks and industrial concerns. Thanks to the special genes that they are equipped with, they can establish a direct connection with their principals on fourth density. It is the fourth-density Reptilians who arranged prominent incarnations for them and controlled all situations in this world. It is easy to control the world from the fourth density.


All that was happening on Earth until now was directed by them. People opposing them didn’t stand the smallest chance unless they were double agents. Such situations took place in the history. Many prominent and significant people, who seemingly functioned in the Reptilian system, were trying to disarm it from the inside. This following of the policy of the fifth and sixth density creatures has been perceived as a battle between good and evil.


We all, people on the planet Earth, are the Reptilian tribe. Our genetic matrix has been crafted by the Reptilians. It is our two-thread DNA endowed with genes that guarantee a high level of aggression, mental slowness, laziness, and a tendency to fixate one's mind. This features guarantied and still guarantee the maintenance of the low level of consciousness. A person with such characteristics will never realize what kind of world they live in. And that’s the aim of the Reptilians. We have to admit that they achieved great success with this policy. Over 90% of the population live in total unawareness. What is more, they support their limitation and even fight for the right to it. They react aggressively to any form of enlightenment. It’s an absurd situation, which is the effect of the smart programming of minds, that guarantees a slave order and lack of consciousness.


Summing up - there are three types of living beings known under the name of Reptilians.

  1. Reptilians at the fourth density.

  2. Reptilians incarnated in human bodies.

  3. Reptilians from the fourth density, temporarily manipulating human minds with the consciousness agreement of this people or manipulating them by force. In addition, manipulating the minds of the whole humanity, both individually and collectively.

  4. Reptilians tribe, that means all people from this evolutionary generation, with Reptilian genetic matrix on the third density - reduced DNA.


Today, there is considerably less Reptilians at the fourth density than it was – about ¼, and they do not have control over the civilization. It could be said that they are here as private beings. Due to this fact, there will be no further possessions commenced by them.


This does not guarantee the safety on the fourth density, by any means. The Reptilian order was terrible, but there was no chaos. Now, there is a “free-for-all”. Beings attracted by the “nutritious pasture”, the human civilization, abundantly producing the effects of stress and suffering are coming in crowds to feed.


How can we defend against that?

Do not produce stress and persistent emotions in your mind. Nevertheless, the best defense is a high level of awareness and putting your mind in the higher spheres of fourth density.( see art. Heart, Love, Enlightenment)


Reptilians are no longer in control of the human civilization, but there are still left the incarnated ones, taking strategic positions in the governments of the world. They will not, however, be supported by the Reptilians from fourth density. Due to this fact, the realization of their ideas on creating certain situations in the world will be increasingly difficult. However, the humanity is still left with this unfortunate, two faced DNA and the matrix of the dull slave. About 10% of humanity can neutralize the matrix with their level of consciousness. But the remaining 90% function according to Reptilian programs and have no intent to resign from them. They can be reprogrammed only by the change of the programming at the fourth density. It is now in progress, but only some of those 90% will manage to connect to the new programs without mind damage. The rest will be left without any programming.


This change of the programs is being executed thanks to the 2012 wave. The new algorithms and new space conditions coded in the Diamond Networks of Consciousness are being delivered. The old values, materialized at base fractal levels, will be cut off. (see art. Fractal cut offs)


I outlined very briefly and simply only some of the issues related to the problem of Reptilians and their current influences on our civilization. I did it mostly in order to give an insight on the complexity of the issue. I noticed that so many people have a tendency to such simplifications, that there is not even a piece of truth in them. It is a great mistake leading to misinformation, in turn causing divisions and conflicts. I hope, that this article will encourage readers in reflection and thus will extend the awareness.

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