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Egregors are forms at densities from third to fifth. They are the cradles of all existence.

It is part of the Universe's functioning that any life form originates in an egregor. The Egregor is a cosmic necessity.

Egregors are material forms built of matter on a given density. In a way they are separated bubbles of space (nullification zone – see: 'Between chaos and consciousness. Hyperphysics.') in which the information base of all creatures exists.  All beings have their egregors; from bacteria to more advanced organisms including humans. The egregor 'produces' the creatures according to the information it contains. This information, being a program of functioning, allows the creatures to live in balance. Animals know what to eat, how to build nests, dig holes, take care of their young, where to migrate for the wintertime and so on. All this information in programmed into the egregor's matter and thus into the creatures. Without the egregors no organised biosphere could exist.

Creatures of relatively high consciousness also come from egregors. In the Universe, 90% of the creatures meant for higher development come from the lower evolutionary path which begins in the egregor. These are the pre-corsup creatures (see: article 10). Approximately 90% of the human population consists of such creatures.

Most of the beings inhabiting the Universe begin in egregors. Also all matter matures there. Information in the form of matter circulates from creature to creature within the egregor linking incarnations with the egregor. That is how matter learns and transforms. A being returning to its egregor is decomposed to a stage depending on its advancement: the more it is advanced in the egregor's assessment, the more of it remains intact and after some modifications is reincarnated again. If a being is unsuccessful, it decomposes completely and all that remains is its nullification zone ('Me' space), where another being will exist. This is how matter is shaped. This is why creatures coming from an egregor don't have their own incarnation path – their form is not stable. Only a being with a corpus supremum has its individual reincarnation. It can be said that it is its own egregor because its own incarnations enrich its individual structure (corsup).

The decision about what will happen to beings returning to their egregor after an incarnation is made by special creatures called 'selectors'. They qualify all beings according to particular requirements of a chosen evolutionary path. They decide whether a being will obtain a corpus supremum or will be desintegrated, and if so – to which degree.

Throughout its evolution, every being remains connected to its egregor even long after gaining a corpus supremum, and is up to a point ruled by the egregor's programs.

Every being coming from an egregor is initially programmed in a particular way and it is going to fulfil and replicate this program. It is very difficult to liberate from one's program. Moreover, there is no need for that for it is one's guide and protector until he has reached a level of wisdom allowing for making one's own decisions. A being just beginning its existence in the Universe is like a little child that needs protection and guidance.

Throughout their lives, creatures bring experiences and thoughts (in the form of algorithms and programs) to their egregor, enriching it's information bank. This is how they leave a growth of consciousness as their heritage. All creatures that follow, inherit this progress and come into being from better constituted matter. They enter the world with higher consciousness, better skills and abilities. This is how consciousness levels grow in whole societies.

Sometimes, however, the initial information is changed in a negative way, leading to degradation. This is what happened on Earth under the reptilian manipulation. The primal egregors containing noble substance became extremely distorted. This took place mainly in the religious egregors and so Christianity, which was supposed to be an ideology of joy and brotherhood of men, became humanity's butcher. Its ideology became perverted even before Christianity came to being as a religion. Islam, which initially served as a soother of the warrior's egregor, became a tool in further conquests. The Buddhist egregor remained closest to its original.

Egregors encoding the biosphere and some religious egregors, like the Christian, are at the fifth density. The egregor of Islam is at the fourth.

To sum up: egregors ar creature's templates. They are what Jung called archetypes.

There are also creatures that don't originate from the egregors' information and matter but from loose information 'loitering' the cosmoses. Such creatures have are in a way incomplete and it is very hard for them to develop.

Egregors that are 'devine' templates for creatures exist at the fifth density, whereas the fourth density egregors are usually created through the activity of creatures incarnated at the third density or existing at the fourth density. In the human world these are the egregors that are the result of human minds. They are the egregors of nations, countries, professions, ideologies; the so called mutual admiration societies. They dictate human ways of thinking and living. They are rosponsible for the so called collective consciousness. The contents they emit are gathered in blocks called beliefs. Beliefs are a domain of people unable to think individually – people coming from egregors.

No matter how cohesive, an action of people joined by an idea or goal, an organisation, it automatically becomes an egregor. Without egregors there would be no organisation, civilisation, societies. Creatures wouldn't co-operate because every harmonious co-operation creates an egregor. A single being, no matter how powerful, can't change anything. It is the goal of the Universe to create communities and co-operation. Socialisation is the present aim of development.

We talk a lot about oneness, unity in esoterics. What is commonly believed to be unity, doesn't match the proper understanding of this term. What real unity is, is a separate subject. Nevertheless, the unity of thinking, acting and feeling is available for every being also thanks to egregors. In them, a being feels safe because everything around shares what the being is itself. People love all kinds of communities, that is why they want relationships, love, friends and company so much. They need to share their experiences and identity with someone. They lose will to live if they don't have anyone to live for. These are typical needs leading to generating egregors. In a small scale this builds family and tribe egregors. What can be considered as modern-day tribal egregors are gangs, sects, sport supporters. Nobody forces these people to belong into these informal organisations – they do it freely, according to their need of belong with a group. People looking for beliefs, needing care, lacking security join sects and all kinds of religious communities. Sects and the religions relieve them from personal responsibility, give hope and stability. They also, in most cases, ruin their individuality and don't allow for developing their consciousness. Nevertheless, they allow meek people to 'last' in their lives till the end with a relative psychic comfort.

All leaders are also an emanation of the collective consciousness. They don't institute themselves. It is the environment that 'extracts' a leader who is a materialisation of its needs. If not for these needs, no man would have gained support. It is the people who want to submit to a leader – at least at the beginning of his activity. The leader is a personification of the needs of the group he represents. If the leader represents a low-level environment, he also represents this low level. After gaining power, weird things often happen to him: he forgets what he was called for and begins to follow his own needs, rather than the needs of his supporters. He becomes a dictator who starts to use the egregor for his own purposes. After a while the situation changes – the group's needs change, a new leader is generated. He, in turn, overthrows the old dictator and becomes one in a while. And so this circle goes on and on.

On one hand the egregor gives protection and strength to its members, on the other hand it requires subordination. Who dares to oppose its power will quickly be called to order by the inert mass. He will be deprived of his protection and support or, in worst cases, the egregor will challenge him to a fight to death.

Egregors also fight among themselves due to their programs of expansion. It is in fact the creatures of the egregors that fight, not the egregors themselves. An egregor is only a mindless library. Its  creatures have a will and consciousness, but only their collectivity gives them power. Everyone has experienced what the power of the egregor's influence is (the pressure of one's family or a fanatic crowd). The family gives support and help but requires subordination to its main values. A family member must follow the clan's plan. If he doesn't, he becomes deprived of the family's support or is forced to follow the family's directions.

A fanatic crowd is capable of enforce its ideology by all methods, including violence and murder.

The egregor's power can be both creative and destructive for it is essential to destroy something old to build something new in its place. An egregor doesn't destroy itself, it is destroyed by a competing one – it doesn't think or speculate, it just follows its program. The winning egregor takes over the opponent's domain and introduces its rules. These can be progressive compared to the previous. Egregors like the egregor of a persistent warrior may seem negative. These are only mechanisms though, they are neither good or bad. They serve to regulate biological, social and individual life. These are just programs. They can be only overcome by consciousness. Knowing about the laws of nature, we can forestall and prevent their consequences.

Even creatures with corsups are connected to egregors through a long part of their evolution. A creature leaves the egregor after completing, more or less, 70% of  the fifth density evolution. Only then is it able to cope with all complex relations in the world and doesn't need 'instant thinking sets' in the form of beliefs. Working without beliefs requires a well developed mind with a sufficient number of program variations allowing to perceive, understand and operate many dependencies  simultaneously.

Liberation from collective thinking schemes is called enlightenment. It is often confused with fluency in using philosophical and religious terms or the so called sanctity. Real freedom of thinking and holiness are something completely different.

Separation from 'the lair', the egregor, is a very painful process. It is nearly like a hara-kiri. If a creature goes through it for the first time in its evolution, its life becomes highly disharmonious at that time. It can be a strain of bad luck, frustrations, depression and even psychic illness. In further incarnations the separation happens without such great difficulty.

In each incarnation (at lease on Earth) a creature is born connected to some local egregor, like the country, nation, religion, family, school, peers etc. Only when one achieves a high level of consciousness, can one free oneself from the egregor's influence. To completely separate oneself from this influence isn't possible because the whole environment is under the influence of egregors and one can't exist without an environment.

Egregors impose on their creatures actions that make the egregors stronger. These are all kinds of cults, celebrations, holidays, anniversaries. A person participating in them usually receives from the community more than they give. One puts in a little effort and gets back support, help and the power of the community. Therefore he strives for the community to grow strong because he grows strong with it. Every member of a community possesses the strength of its egregor. That is, in harmonious, correct situations, not when one belongs to a corrupt community. Very often an extremely strong egregor supports its leader with all its power and in result a mighty force occurs, that can annihilate numerous other communities. If this is caused by low-level motives, the effect can be dreadful. We have observed such occurrences many times in out history: the Nazi or other totalitarian doctrines that shaped our reality so much being just some of the examples.

If the motives are high-levelled, positive revolutions take place. Their good results are organising life at a higher level than previously, which comes from a higher consciousness level.

This civilisation, however, is not ruled by consciousness, but by blind nature forces like, among others, the influences of the egregors. These forces have been used by the Reptilians (see: Reptilians). They didn't need to do much to keep this civilisation at low consciousness levels. They only had to eliminate creatures of high consciousness and make sure the number of people with pre-corsups is as high as today. This guaranteed them not realising their position and even being happy with it.

The beneficial effects of egregors are those joint actions that teach empathy, co-operation, solidarity and socialise individuals. The Universe promotes this development direction for both local environments and cosmic communities. In personal development this directs us towards being compassionate beings, not selfish ones. This is what people call love.

Love at higher levels is an understanding allowing for deep tolerance and perception of significative and situational connections. (See: Heart, love, enlightenment.)

Egregors, like everything else in the Universe, are ambiguous. Nothing is good or bad. Everything depends on the level of awareness of a particular structure. Everything can be made ugly or beautiful. All can lead to development or destruction. The point determining whether something is good or bad 'slides' up and down a line between chaos and consciousness in a fractal way, meaning every level can be on both ends of this scale. That's why nothing can be understood as unequivocal and seeing something as good or bad depends on the observer's level.

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