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Wave 2012

Autor: Czwartek, 07 czerwiec 2012 16:56   Czytany 12755 razy

In some environments there is much talk of changes in 2012, theend of the world, disasters, and a future, ideal world. What is thisactually about? It is the Wave – a cosmic phenomenon concerningthe whole galaxy. The Wave, as is normal for waves, moves throughspace. Its “width” covers over a dozen of our years. Its head reachedus several years ago. Its apogee will arrive at the end of 2012 and willbe maintained for several months. Its concentration will decreaseover the several following years.Using knowledge presented in this book I shall attempt to clarifywhat this cosmic phenomenon is. A wave is generated by so-calledgalactic ranks. These are places of condensed transmission fromSupreme Logos to DCN i.e. the location of input of information fromthe Core itself, and through which the Core intervenes. DCN sendthe accumulated information to structural grids. The informationtransferred may be varied. In this case it is a wave, which changes thestructure of space to facilitate the desired changes. The informationmoves through space causing excitement of structural grids. Thisexcitement is the transfer of the wave’s movement.The wave carries large disturbances causing changes in the physicalproperties of space. In a literal sense, current spatial arrangementsare broken up and replaced by a new organization. The result of thisprocess is the activation of different algorithms, and in consequence,other event blocks. Besides that puts into movement higher levelsof DCN, which gives as a consequence structure passages into newvalues. Previous to this action is removal of lower fractal levels fromspace, which decompresses space and allows materialization of thesenew algorithms.The wave is the Core’s intervention. In the language of religion,it may be said that god, through his mercy, is repairing the world.Has god shown mercy, or is it simply that universal mater hasmatured to such change? Most likely the latter. If mater was notable to carry out the instructions, there is nothing that even godhimself could do about it.

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