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Consciousness levels

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The classification presented below is a description of the fundamental levels and it doesn't include combinations of the levels.

Therefore, it should not be used to classify actual individuals because hardly ever do they represent one uniform level.
Moreover, it should be kept in mind that we can properly assess somebody else's level only if we ourselves are on a level much higher than the subject's level.

The consciousness level includes the state of consciousness after its reaching as well as its destruction. It contains entering a level, duration at that level and preparing to enter the next one. Each shift to a higher consciousness level is preceded by the unpleasant destruction of the old qualities which symptoms are depression and all kinds of problems.

The description below is a view on how the consciousness level manifests itself in an individual's private and social existence.


LEVEL 1 – Surviving.

A person with the pre-corsup in an undeveloped 'Me'.

We know very little about this level because it exists very rarely in our culture.

It's the level of a nomad who constantly srtives for existence and survival. A man of this level is a real cowboy: not the romantic knight of the Hollywood's Wild West but a real cattleman.

Modern day culturally and technologically advanced civilisations don't have room for this level.

A man of this level settles for the role he had been prepared for during childhood. He's not able to change anything about his consciousness. He's hardly aware of having one.

The essence of such people's life is survival. He lives from day to day, without goals, aspirations and ambition. Every day he's able to survive is a success.

He can't tell right from wrong because his inner proctor hasn't formed yet. He's behavioural patterns don't come from inside his being and therefore they need to be set by law or strict upbringing.


LEVEL 2 – He thinks he knows. Wiseacre.

A person with the pre-corsup in a 'Me' on various advancement levels.

This is the level of people who are 'the salt of the earth', the folk. This level's aim is to safely root in the world to be able to experience one's 'Me' as an emotional being. People at this level identify with a group and find that identification the only possibility of mental functioning. This comes from the lack of individuality. They can't independently think and make judgements. They believe that independent thinking is impossible and inappropriate. They obey authority, profess tradition, which is the result of their non-creative, imitative thinking. Their individuality is displayed only on the physical and emotional level. Their thinking is subordinated to the group's mind trends and they usually don't oppose them. Due to such properties of the mind they are prone to any indoctrination that confirms their beliefs.  This makes them devoted followers of ideologies and religions. Usually it's them, who attend mass worship and stunts. They fall victim to sects and are influenced by advertising. They are easy prey to clever manipulators and dictators because they can easily be directed towards extreme social movements. They can't differentiate between patriotism and nationalism or idealism and fanaticism etc.

All political campaigns are aimed at them and the politicians who manage to lure that group win elections.
Life's main content at this level is building a family and providing for its basic material needs. People at this level don't care for success and wealth (unlike the next level). Having a family and relative affluence is all they need to be happy. A person at this level feels fulfilled if they maintained a marriage, brought up children and saved enough for a modest retirement so that they can spend the time they have left watching TV with a clear conscience.

Usually, no higher cultural or cognitive needs are observed at this level. Such a person doesn't ask questions like 'why' and 'what for' or is interested in the philosophical aspects of existence. Their truth is determined by what they were brought up to believe in and their world ends with their own horizons. The thinking is simple and unsophisticated. They can't comprehend and synthesize numerous data. This results in a duality of thinking and a polarized value system: things can be either good or bad, pleasant – unpleasant, mine – not mine. There's only black and white, without any shades or grey.

Conclusions are not based on facts but on notions. All judgements serve to confirm one's previously imprinted beliefs. It doesn't matter whether they are rational and truth-based. One's cause will be defended with the stubbornness of a mule, with an utter resistance to any argumentation.

The way people at this level (like at all other levels) act is very much affected by the individual's upbringing. Nevertheless, even under the facade of acquired polish there will always be a broadness, vulgarity and waywardness rooted in the inability to control one's emotions.

This group's tastes and aesthetics aren't sophisticated, witch clichés like a stag against a sunset or disco music being just some of the mass-taste examples.

These people are usually kind and righteous. They are rarely capable of bad deeds committed deliberately – of thought through, sophisticated crimes. They don't act of mental-originating egoism, but mainly according to their emotions. If the emotions become intense and uncontrollable, the person can become unpredictable and act aggressive.
If a person at this level represents the anxious, low-aggression type, they often become passive victims. An example of this could be abused wives who humbly agree to such state of affairs.

Basic social life skills form at this level of consciousness. An individual find out here that they have to take others into account and that they have to confront their own experiences with the experiences of others in order to build relationships and determine further proceedings. Therefore one should control their emotions, learn to tame one's sexual instincts. The advanced society requires managing these basic skills. It's an absolute must if one wants to advance in one's evolution. Especially primal fierceness and sexuality must be restrained before entering the next level. If a person enters the phase of forming an EGO without fulfilling that condition, the effects can be deplorable. Such an individual can pose a threat for the people around them and for themselves. Violent, unrestrained, sexual-instinct combined with a high intellectual level aimed at satisfying one's egoistic needs make up a deadly potion. It is, unfortunately, a common sight in today's society. Thanks to modern technology and general schooling systems, the educated intellect has been imposed on an unmastered second level of consciousness. The result is a rise in criminal activity and the criminal's cruelty.

This level also includes the acquisition of a correct attitude towards work as a means to acquiring material goods. Work is to become a way to social security. Learning to work and cooperate within a group gives way to forming a courteous and non-egoistic individuality. This prevents further complications and delays in evolution since the ability to tame one's selfishness is the ticket to entering enlightenment.

The second level is a base to start creating one's individuality. It is important that the process of forming one's emotions sexuality and security is fully completed because it guarantees further harmonious development.


LEVEL 3 – Super-wiseacre. He is certain of what he knows.

A person with a pre-corsup and with a developed 'Me' or a person with a young corsup.

This level's main aim is to generate one's individuality and build up a strong EGO. The social solidarity with the crowd that exists on the second level is now gone. On the contrary: one wants to be better than the others, stand out from the crowd, dreams of fame and success. Logic and analytic thinking rule one's thinking processes. On the higher end of this level, synthetic thinking can also occur. One bases his conclusions on facts, not on belief as it was happening before. He tries to remain objective in his judgements but sometimes fails due to the inability of separating oneself from one's beliefs.

The emotions are still untamed, but one tries to appear mannerly by hiding them. His behaviour is elegant and he acts according to the savuar vivre. This is not, however, in harmony with his true self  but to keep a satisfactory façade.
The outstanding need of creating one's 'Me' can lead to pathological egoism. The inner urge for success and standing out makes one want possess power and control over others, which happens both within the family and society. At this level we often see despotic, reckless bosses or family tyrants. Such features suggest that at least partially these people represent the third level of consciousness. The tendency to boss others fades away at higher levels.

At the third level, one loves to challenge oneself and undertake difficult tasks. He likes to confront with others and win. This is where the rat race takes place.

Whereas at the second level the family was a goal in itself, here it's merely a pit-stop one's way to the top. It is there to support and help, for which in return it will profit with the effects of the expansion.

If a 3rd level person is also an astrological Aquarius, their family will see them very rarely.

Women have it especially hard at the third level. Due to the fact that it is the woman who gives birth and at one stage in her life she responds to the 'nature's call' by having a baby, she then faces numerous dilemmas. Having a family requires her to stay at home and lead a life based on the second level's model whereas her inner need of self-fulfilment and self-defining pushes her out into the world. A man in such a situation, according to old tradition, puts on a warrior's armour (a suit and a tie) and goes out in the battlefield. A woman's instincts won't allow her to leave a child behind while playing Joan D'Arc. This is usually a very difficult situation for her and it causes a lot of frustration.

A third level person is confident of their views. They think they know everything and that they are reaching the limits of human cognition. Most modern scientists represent this level's thinking, where the paradigm of limiting the world to its material layers reigns. Their authority is Descartes – the originator of the materialistic view of the world. The statement 'I think, therefore I am' limits the human being to functioning in the realm of logic and reductionism. Such approach is accepted by a third level person.

The scientists who really bring in new quality and change to the world, the geniuses and precursors, are at higher levels. This level characterises science's 'craftsmen' who patiently follow arduous routine research.
What matters the most at this level is a material success and emphasising one's superior position to the others.

A big house, good car, designer clothes, high social status, university degrees.

Regarding other people and one's life partners, a person at this level is very demanding. They expect others to satisfy their needs, are usually intolerant, which comes from the notion that they know everything best. In extreme cases they possess no compassion or mercy.

At this level, one is not interested in philosophical issues but is happy with current trends of thinking with which he identifies without deeper contemplation.

One is also not aware of one's emotions or their origin. He doesn't delve into the depths of his psyche. He usually doesn't notice this realm of perception. If he feels ill he doesn't ask why but he goes to a doctor for the right pill.
It is his great cognitive needs that drive him to acquire knowledge. Also his cultural needs are awaken. He cares about form very much, has sophisticated taste and can tell art from daub. He doesn't fully appreciate art yet though, due to his lack of sensitivity and empathy.
His individuality protects him from indoctrination but he will still follow social trends accordingly to his strategy of choosing the best efficiency action. Such efficiency can't be assured by idealism and novelty, which doesn't bother him and his model of thinking.

The modern world has been created by people of this level. They feel here at home, can manipulate the one's from the second level and be their authorities. They barefacedly ignore all people from higher levels considering them as weird lunatics.

At this level, one lives in the notion that he's worth the money, titles, power and connections he's got. If he can't obtain these precious things, it can lead to psychological problems. The mixture of uncontrolled emotions fuelled by desires, ambitions and the inner drive to build one's self, generates great tension. The discrepancy between his desires and his capabilities can lead to a malfunction of the whole mental system. Emotional and mental processes meet obstacles that can break down their integrity. This results in neurosis, psychic and somatic diseases. Heart attack – the boss's disease often proves this situation. Meanwhile, on the corsup's level the so called karmic knots begin to build up and in future incarnations they will manifest as serious problems to solve.

The third level of consciousness is dangerous not only for the the human but also for societies and the whole planet. It is this level's people who are mainly responsible for the consumerist life style and consider only the selfish interest of individuals or small groups without seeing the consequences for the whole of humanity and the planet. This has resulted in the environmental degradation affecting us so severely today.


LEVEL 4 – Philosopher. I know that I don't know.

A person with an advanced corsup but still not independent.

The activation of synthetic thinking allows for information to be transformed into knowledge.

The mind has already become flexible and gained great possibilities. The person has got a great memory and learns fast, can process a lot of data. In the beginning of this level, the synthesising skills are still limited. It often seems like the mind operates similarly to a web browser: there's a lot of data but not much independent conclusions from processing it.

At this level, one becomes truly cultural, his nobility shows. These features are no longer a façade but inner qualities. Further at this level, as it approaches its destruction phase, a genuine change occurs. This is a transition stage between a materialistic human and a human with a developed consciousness, a very difficult moment in one's evolution.

Developing one's synthetic thinking reveals the previously hidden truth. The truth that the world looks different than what we were told to believe. This is a very painful discovery that ruins hitherto values and overturns basic mental pillars. One's value system becomes chaotic, which gives everyone else the impression he's an incredible crank.

All previous knowledge about the world becomes dubious since it doesn't anymore answer the questions about the nature of being.

By the end of this stage, an ability to synthesize and perceive facts that are not seen by people at lower levels appears, which in turn makes one a victim to allegations of making up conspiracy theories.

People at this level have a drive to pursue knowledge that could answer their questions about the nature of being. They feel they are not only body and mind but that there is also something beyond what they perceive with their senses. They feel there is something more that the visible world but they can't identify and rationalise it yet. This premonition doesn't come from one's knowledge but more from an intuitive notion. They begin noticing the imperfections of this world's system, which before they accepted as natural.

All this raises psychic discomfort and therefore people at the fourth level can often be perceived as constant melancholics due to going over and over again through the deep disappointment with the world's moral condition.

They also have an enormous need of explaining reality by creating concepts and theories. This is a level of philosophers and natural contemplation. One still can't connect all the contradictions into one whole at this level. He asks questions but can't entirely capture the answer. We see a great depiction of this confusion in the European philosophy, which is a collection of contradicting theories and questions without answers. The impossibility to find a coherent picture of the whole is not the world's property but a property of the fourth level of consciousness.

One's ability to analyse one's psyche develops. One feels a need of remodelling ones surroundings. He often seeks help with psychologists and spiritual masters.

Mass religion doesn't give answers to the questions of being. Therefore one looks for spiritual depth beyond it, checks in his own way various spiritual movements.

At this level, the real reception of art begins due to one's developed mind features: empathy, sensitivity and understanding. One's interests usually concern only these fields that can help in understanding the world. One often chooses a profession connected to these interests, no matter how impractical it is. He can cope with any work even though he won't be passionate about it.
A real philosopher is absorbed with investigation so much that he doesn't have time or willingness to do anything else. He is not interested in things like family because it isn't a main issue of this level of development. He looks for soulmates in his closest people and expects fair relationships. He can be a good, understanding and empathic partner.

From this level on, trouble with functioning within society, represented mainly by people on the second and third level, begins. Its rules are difficult to accept for people on higher levels.


LEVEL 5 – Mage. I know that I know.

A person with an well developed corsup – independent.

So far, everything took place in one's personality, which was stronger and wiser than the corsup. From this point this changes, the personality looses its free will and the corsup takes over. This happens violently: the ego-personality 'bursts' giving way to higher consciousness, the corsup takes control. It can be experienced as 'illumination'. The connection with the fifth density opens up – this can be compared with a computer accessing the Internet and in consequence gives the ability of reaching cosmic knowledge and information through one's corsup. There is a possibility to penetrate reality which results in e.g. clairvoyance.

The clairvoyance occurs at lower levels too, but its nature is different; it is based on a contact with the astral field or its creatures. Such clairvoyance isn't objective and doesn't concern causes and a person experiencing it won't know why things happen but will only state their occurrences. It won't be impartial because the person's perception is flawed with their own emotions and beliefs. Moreover, what they see is not the essence of things but illusion of it.
It is only up from the fifth density where illusions, emotions and beliefs don't apply. The clarity of reception can be only interrupted by the filters of one's mind, which is a fourth-density entity. Information can be received correctly but the logical mind will interpret it in its own way.

Obtaining information directly from information grids is experienced as an abrupt intrusion of full knowledge about a certain subject. Everything becomes clear at once, with all its relationships and effects. This way of gaining knowledge is called experiencing the insight.

The new way of cognition raises joy close to euphoria. One discovers the world anew, is fascinated and delighted by everything.

A person at this level can become a genius if they have a particular talent and will put effort into developing it. The effects of this can be extraordinary.

From this moment, one becomes aware of one's powers, succeeds in generating a desired reality. The corsup helps or at least doesn't interfere with it yet. One's responsibility grows due to realising the cosmic laws. There is, however, a trap at this level – it's a very pleasant state which one unwillingly gives up. One can get stuck at it for many lives. There also is a danger of losing one's humility and becoming bigheaded which might lead to one's disintegration.

If a person surpassed this difficulty and keeps on developing, their personality becomes 'soft' and courteous. They are aware of their emotions and up to a point able to control them.

One's sensitivity grows so much that he is able to 'read' other people's emotional and mental state. He would often feel 'the world's pain'.  Empathy and compassion often shows as demonstrative vegetarianism, pacifism, environmentalism. At this level, one is 'an animate happiness'. He accepts everything, finds joy in everything. He wants and lives life to the fullest, is not upset by failures, arises from defeats like a Phoenix from the ashes.
It is this level, that the New Age movement talks about. New Age's main foundation is the notion that a human being is able to do anything they want as long as they find enough will and optimism within themselves. A thought has the power to create reality and to want something is enough to make it happen. And a person on the fifth level really thinks so – they notice only success, ignore failures. They are the creators of their success, whereas the failures... - who knows where they came from?

And so do ages pass and the corsup matures. The evolution finally calls for its heirloom. The magic of the fifth level dissolves. Something is not right. The peaceful state of mind faces destruction. The corsup no longer takes part in the personality's games. And without its support, the personality stops being successful. One becomes desperate, and has every reason to be – his life collapses. It is the beginning of 'the dark night of the senses', as St. John aptly called it. The 'soul' turns away from the world and faces the transcendental spirit. All illusion of power and greatness bursts like a bubble. They aren't worth much anyway, because their source is in fear and pride. It turns out it is something else that matters. The true power comes to a human only when he replaces fear with love and pride with humility.

A momentous process of alchemic transmutation begins. Lead turns into gold and from an earthly egg a cosmic being hatches.

The being finally begins to discover its real self. It turns out all his intentions were selfish and none of his aspirations were spiritual. The fight with one's shadow (the programs of subconsciousness) begins. This is a very unpleasant stage. One's true power is used to realise all these unwanted programs that are revealed now. Through a mechanism called 'the mirror', one confronts oneself. The world around displays him his own image. He can already read it because he is aware of the matter – energy dependence. This state goes on for years and is so difficult that it drains one's energy completely. One resigns from fighting and loses the will to do anything. And that is the goal of this process. The tiredness has lead to a sensory deprivation. Everything inside is reset and the corsup can advance to the sixth level.


LEVEL 6 – Sage. Surrender.

The corsup is at a self-thinking level.

At this level, one has already completely given up the earthly. From now on, his only desire is to complete his fifh-density evolution. His personality is completely under the influence of his corsup. He perceives life as an illusion, unreal occurrences. As if it was a movie he was watching – he doesn't identify with it. He lives like a hermit among people, misunderstood and underestimated. He doesn't care for approval and trumpery anymore.

His mental functions are fully developed, he possesses complete, three-dimensional understanding. He masters the difficult art of not-thinking. Most of his time he spends meditating. Rational thinking is used only when needed. This doesn't make him unaware, on the contrary – his mind's sharpness and attention are brilliant. The difference is that he doesn't grind the same thoughts over and over again with his mind. It is him, who thinks, not his thoughts that happen on their own. The same thing happens to his emotions – they are just responses to stimuli, aren't fuelled by thoughts and don't rattle endlessly. From this point one becomes fully balanced. He is no longer ruled by needs and desires – he controls them.

He has full access to knowledge. It is no longer an insight like on the fifth level, but a constant, broad awareness of reality. He can read mental states of others, foresee their reactions and future actions.

The greatest discovery of this level is the pettiness of human affairs. One finally sees that all these little things were only needed to exercise one's personality and corsup. Their outcome is irrelevant, only the evolutionary impact counts. As master Eckhart (a great European mystic) said: 'It doesn't matter what a man does, but what what he does does to him.'

At this level the transcendental consciousness leads the human. He is no longer tossed by urges, ambitions and aspirations. He surrenders to higher will.

'Lord, may not mine but Your will happen'

From now on, he no longer will push for his own ideas and emphasise his relevance to the world.
He's quiet and modest. He doesn't use force for neither his of somebody else's needs because he knows it doesn't matter. From this level convenience doesn't matter. Only evolution and reaching the highest consciousness level matters. Everything that leads to it and distracts him from 'playing life' is good. As a human he's already perfect. His self-creation is finished. He's approaching the last stage – autodestruction as an earthly being. Like the individual personality had become redundant and dissolved at the fifth level, so does the corsup now. He is waiting to enter the sixth density. This is accompanied by enormous tear and sadness for one needs to die as a human, give up all human affairs and qualities that he was with for thousands of years of evolution. To be born as a cosmic being, one needs to kill the human inside. It is one of the most horrible experiences to go through. One doesn't belong to the earth anymore but is not part of 'heaven' yet. He is suspended in void. Again, St. John named that very well – 'the dark night of the soul'.

In this very state one awaits for enlightenment, for the opening of the gates to 'the Lord's home'.

LEVEL 7 – Liberation.

The corsup before its collapse. The end of evolution in material worlds.

After the terrible experience of 'dehumanisation', the adept finally reaches his reward. The earthly anchor is removed and he can leave the matrix, gaining absolute freedom. This feeling is an euphoric experience and he's going to feel it no matter what physical difficulties he may encounter. Life becomes normal again. He's not bothered with existential dilemmas anymore. He doesn't split hairs and just lives.
Zen describes this state:

Trees are trees again, water is water again and one can finally have a cup of tea again.
Another effect that can occur alongside the liberation can be a pseudo-feeling of oneness with everything. It's an amazing feeling and the greatest ecstasy a human can experience. It only lasts for a moment and is in a way a present from the Core. It is impossible and unnecessary to maintain that state. Only at the seventh density the constant feeling of oneness takes place. But after this brief experience one stays with the knowledge and awareness of what things really are; with the knowledge that everything is interconnected and exists in a dynamic balance, that all creation  comes from the same source and all things interweave.

It is not euphoric and ecstatic experiences that are the goal of liberation for they can be experienced at any other level by synchronising with certain frequencies of vibration. This gives similar effects for the mind and the body but is rather difficult to achieve because these frequencies are far beyond the standard reception range of a human being.

Liberation is a state in which one experiences deep, undisturbed tranquillity. One feels the Universe's power and majesty. The peacefulness is so thorough that nothing can disrupt it. Somewhere in the background, there is a state like when in deep meditation.
There is no fears, especially no fear of death. Once one has reached this inner comfort, he doesn't need any outer comfort. There is no inner pressure. Freedom from beliefs allows to look objectively at things as they really are – without one's value-filtered interpretation. One sees that all the world's structures are conventional. The human value system ceases to exist. It is replaced by the cosmic law in which there is no good or evil. There is only understanding. This understanding is what is known as universal love – love (universal, divine) is absolute tolerance and acceptance. It's forgiveness and benevolence. This love can only give without expecting anything in return. From the highness of this state, one looks upon the creatures of this world just like a mother upon her children; allows them to make mistakes and always forgives.
A liberated man can't be offended or hurt because the categories of the human 'Me' don't apply anymore. There is no feeling of pride and honour, but nobody is able to lower his self-esteem.

Just like in the words: 'Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do'.

A liberated human doesn't stand out at first sight – he doesn't glow, fly, do magic. He is just wise, which can be only noticed by some. The difference between him and an ordinary human being can be only seen by an equally advanced creature.

Liberation is the ultimate evolutionary goal in the material world. It is the end of evolution how we know it. The Liberated ones only incarnate to fulfil some particular tasks – the come here as avatars.

This is not the end of evolution. It's the beginning of further evolution, outside material forms. What does it look like? We can't even imagine.

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