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Stages of the development of a civilization

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It is commonly assumed that the level of development of a civilization is confirmed by a kind of technology it possesses. Contrary to this assumption, technology itself does not say much about the level of consciousness of its users and is not the main purpose of existence of a civilization. At best technology may be a stimulus and contribution to development, but it is the development of beings that constitutes the key purpose of the existence of civilizations. Beings do not serve their civilization, but the civilization is an experimental field which they use to develop themselves. Building oneself is a very complex and long-term process, because a being creates knowledge, consciousness and its own individual expression going through a series of stages.

At present life in our galaxy comes into being in a way that is not necessarily natural and evolution is often directed by developed beings. Most beginner civilizations are artificially planted and their development is directed. That’s exactly the situation we have on Earth. The phenomena that take place in the material world are only a manifestation of something that was planned in other realities and is fulfilled by civilizations on higher levels of development than ours. Development is a directed drama which casts more or less conscious actors being both the subjects and objects of this drama. A civilization is a stage, a playground, a simulator in which beings are trained in order to become great, independent entities of the Universe. One can leave the stage only into non-existence before education is completed, whereas after its completion a being itself becomes a director of subsequent dramas.

The developmental process a being goes through is included in an evolutionary path. The path determines the aim that beings are supposed to achieve (developmental specialization), matches a kind of existence to the environment and outlines the script of the entire development. Most evolutionary paths are realized in civilizations. In many of them technology is one of significant developmental instruments in some stages of evolution. However, this is not the only instrument used. Above all, these instruments comprise life situations in which a being finds itself.

The process of development is controlled only in part. A civilization is provided rather with means to create than ready-to-use solutions. It is given an angle, not fish. What beings will create with available means is up to them. It depends on their efforts and decisions whether they will choose a straight and easy way or the one that is twisting and full of stones. There are numerous solutions at hand and beings have free will within a set of possible solutions. The creators of a given evolutionary path intervene only when the achievement of the aim is threatened.


The present article describes the stages of development of beings that create their individuality.


A set of beings linked by a common mental field, life organization and environment is called a civilization. The level of a civilization depends on an individual level of its beings and vice versa – a civilization also imposes a level of development on beings. Beginners receive a ready set of content to acquire and they have it at their disposal, although they did not personally generate it. Higher developed beings are frequently suppressed, if the civilization is below their level of development. They are unable to manifest all their possibilities and powers. Only a properly organized civilization enables all of its beings to find developmental stimuli and kinds of content that are adequate to their level. That is why a civilization is usually organized in a hierarchical way: higher level beings monitor the whole system (these are their content and stimuli), whereas lower level beings fulfill all other roles and find tasks and content adequate to their possibilities in them.

There have been numerous civilizations on Earth so far, but they were on different developmental paths from ours.

The current civilization emerged about 9000 years ago. Its evolutionary path is not typical, since it was created as a combination of a native human path and a reptilian path that was imposed on it. The human path is the primeval path that prevailed in former civilizations. However, as a result of reptilian civilizations conquering the Earth, it was modified according to the needs of invaders. A combination of both paths gave rise to the third one – an exceptionally difficult and incoherent one. Beings from this path had their DNA reduced, which has led to the fact that contemporary man has much lower abilities in comparison with his predecessors from previous civilizations.


The civilization we live in developed in the following stages:


Stage One:


Instinct and intuition


It began about 9000 years ago. The main aim was to implement the basic content of the evolutionary path.

Man was supposed to adapt and get used to his environment as well as learn how to receive stimuli through the body. It may be said that one was learning how to manage one’s body and behave in the environment.

Instinct is a given, ready-to-use pattern of reactions. Intuition is the reception of signals from higher fractal levels of a being, not grasped by consciousness yet. In this stage intuition was supposed to be received in a clear, undisturbed way.

Contemporary people may have the impression that our qualities are, in a way, obvious but mankind, beginning its evolution on this evolutionary path, had to learn all these behaviors and responses that are so obvious for us. It was their acquisitions and skills that served subsequent generations as ready patterns of behavior on the basis on which new internal mechanisms could be built and knowledge and consciousness developed.



Stage Two:

Desire and accomplishment


It began over 7000 years ago and ended about 5000 years ago.

One kind of content that man was supposed to acquire in this stage was spontaneous creation. Then he brought into existence everything he could, according to the principle “if I can do something, I’ll do it”. The next quality to be acquired was the ability to recognize and fulfill one’s needs. The ability to take care of oneself was treated as an aim in itself. Survival was the highest good and fulfilling one’s needs served it well.

It was not a coincidence that this period was marked by a great civilization leap. It comprised the introduction of agriculture, construction and establishment of big settlements which were characterized by hierarchical power structure and the division of labor. The organization of life and the creation of economy enabled a greater possibility to fulfill people’s needs.

This civilization and mental leap was possible owing to the basic skills man acquired in the first stage of development. In the second stage he was supposed to recognize and fulfill his needs, to become expansive and bold in this expansion. That made a being aware and built his or her individuality. A being was to appreciate himself or herself and notice his or her distinguishing characteristics. It was a fundamental stage for building the ego.


Stage Three:

Strength, power, fulfillment

It started about 5000 years ago and ended about 2500 years ago.

Man was supposed to learn how to realize and specify his expectations. It is an important stage in the development of self-awareness. A being has to realize that he or she expects and demands something from himself or herself. It is the first point in which a conscious endeavor to self-improve emerges. This self-improvement was realized through the ability to sacrifice oneself in the name of higher purposes – for creating something.

Since 3000 BC to the end of the previous era man was to strengthen his ego through the emphasis of his significance. Creating a sense of one’s own greatness and glory was a priority. People put great efforts into erecting magnificent constructions which manifested the majesty of rulers. Battles and duels were fought which demonstrated people’s courage and sacrifice. It was the time when the ethos of a heroic warrior was formed. Such a warrior would sacrifice the highest good – his own life – for the glory and fame. Great emperors, warriors and their heroic deeds were extolled by poets and immortalized in marble by sculptors for posterity.

People of those times were filled with desire, passion and uncontrollable emotions. They were also cruel and ruthless, but such conduct was caused by the lack of other content in mental space. They were as they could be like in such conditions. Other qualities were supposed to be elaborated in subsequent stages of evolution.


Stage Four:

Faith, hope, love”

This stage is coming to its end right now.

It began about 500 BC – in the time which still echoed the glory of great heroes whose attitudes were considered role models. We seem to be fascinated by heroism of ancient warriors and rulers even today, which is not surprising, as these qualities were based on pure values of the Core. They are imperishable and as such they constitute the fundamental source of the quality and greatness of the Universe. We possess them, because they are the evolutionary heritage of our civilization.

However, stage four was the time when quite a different content came into being. The Earth welcomed beings whose level of development exceeded that of its civilization. These were great thinkers who have served us as examples of wisdom up to now. They indicated that the visible world was just a tiny manifestation of something far more powerful. They made people aware that there was great space just “near” and that the visible world depended on this space. They understood what man and space were and they gave humanity that understanding. 25 ages had to pass for humanity to begin to grasp their message, but what was going on in the meantime?

The actual breakthrough in our culture was initiated by a group of people led by Jesus Christ. He conveyed and verbalized the idea and created conditions for spreading it. It does not mean that Jesus and his people (the lightworkers of those times) created a new epoch. The mental space of the Earth and the evolutionary level of its individuals were ready to enter a new stage of development. Jesus and his helpers made things perfectly clear and manifested the content which was already present in space. It does not mean that Jesus’ ideas were implemented in their original form. To the contrary – the ideal was significantly modified and only this what people were ready to absorb was accepted. Jesus’ disciples conveyed it in their own way, according to their own understanding which obviously lacked the depth characteristic of their master’s.

In this stage of evolution man was supposed to clearly distinguish himself as an individual (his ego) from the rest of the world, and most of all, from the universe. All that was human was considered profane, and all external things were sacred – the idea strongly emphasized in the first ages of Christianity. Man and matter were nothing, only God was great. Nowadays people who keep up with evolution do not agree with such a conception of reality, because the next stage of development, whose guiding principle are “knowledge, reason and consciousness”, has already been induced in us.

This stage of development was to extract a sense of separation from the universe and strengthening of the ego as an individual. It was done through the comparison of oneself to the external which could not be perceived or participated in. This stage cannot be omitted if one wants to enter the stage of total individuality.

This was exercised through the experience of the content of faith, hope and love.

Faith means waiting for something external.

Hope – expecting that something external will come and make you happy. In this approach happiness is something outside man.

Love – some undefined force which governs everything and stays outside a being.

Love is also perceived now as the concept comprising such qualities as friendliness, tolerance, understanding, empathy, selflessness and forgiveness. These qualities are undoubtedly desired in a being who lives in a society and they definitely prove a high level of development, but a being must indeed possess these qualities or rather embody them and not only declare that they are possessed. If a being is “this”, one may claim she or he is in the state of love.

This stage of evolution was manifested in a way of thinking which was reflected by art. Instead of glorifying battling warriors, medieval poets procured poems in praise of pale-faced women, while troubadours sang songs in honor of knights adoring beautiful ladies. Paintings did not immortalize battles any more, they were replaced by saints who were martyrized or absorbed in prayer. Obviously this showed the truth only in part, as those times were also filled with cruelty and wars. Man was only trying to acquire these qualities but did not own them yet. However, the motivation behind wars was different from that in antiquity. Personal glory was replaced by fighting for the expansion of the ideals of the era.

Wars are also a manifestation of competition and ambition. These features were supposed to create a specific effect in man, too. It is a pursuit of development and self-improvement. In some sense wars were a game of rulers who fulfilled their ambitions and pursued self-development. The remaining participants of a war felt greater and greater rebellion against such reality. Inducing such rebellion was one of the aims of this situation. Humanity was to be repressed to such an extent that eventually it would rebel against tyranny. The rebellion created the desired content. It is coherent with individuality, i.e. emphasizing one’s importance at least by counteracting one’s subjugation. Creating the value of the pursuit of freedom and self-creation is a valuable content for the universe, which is promoted by the Core.

The last two thousand years witnessed various manifestations of the way of thinking whose aim was to make man aware that he was an individual separated from space. Some of them were more extreme and literal, others reflected previous content or the one that was yet to come.

The concept of love also includes feeling compassion towards a suffering being and mankind was supposed to learn it too in this stage of evolution. There is no doubt that the level of compassion and sensitivity to the misery of others is higher than before, but some delay in acquiring this content is still visible in some people.

Another kind of content that was supposed to be acquired by man in this stage was searching for the depth of one’s own consciousness. The depth of consciousness means the ability to grasp numerous thinking trends simultaneously. The mind was provided with a mechanism forcing its self-verification and considering the same problems again and again in order to notice different aspects in them. A propensity for sentimentalism was helpful here, as it meant a mental going back to previous situations and considering them a lot of times with pleasure. Sentimentalism was treated as a great value, which was especially visible in the romantic period. Romantic sentimentalism conceals depth and numerous trends of thought.

Another mechanism enhancing inner experiences was vulnerability to melancholy and depression. These mental states partly cause isolation from external stimuli and make us focus on our thoughts and feelings.

The next element of consciousness and individual separateness that man was supposed to acquire was noticing of external manipulation. Distinguishing externally imposed programs from this which man created in himself by himself and which is needed in a given moment of development. That was the aim of self-criticism. Well-understood criticism allows to look at oneself objectively, see one’s imperfections but most of all distinguish one’s own content from the imposed one.

Another significant task in this stage of evolution, which is coming to its end now, was managing one’s emotions and forming self-control. Emotions should be a useful tool for man and not a value in themselves. It is man who is to have emotions and not the other way round.

Glorification of emotions, promoted by some to a great extent, is a mistake and actually proves retardation in development. The next evolutionary stage will demand emotional control and some kind of “emotional distance”.

Exuberance, exaltation and declaring love is a manifestation of content from the ending epoch and is often accompanied by actual lack of tolerance, oscillating on the verge of hatred. At the same time it is a symptom of a great need for having the required qualities when the time devoted to their acquisition is being brought to an end. People who express such emotions excessively often show nothing more but the need to acquire them.

The stage of separation may be experienced in other ways, too. It is fulfilled in our galaxy also by means of the mechanism of attachment and rejection. Another way is acute awareness of the death of the structure in each moment of life and constantly endangered existence. Also being in a body of high instability that may result in death will belong here.

The question arises which way of learning of this content is the most painful for a being? It seems that “our” way was not the worst possible one.

From the evolutionary rationale one may conclude that development of a being is supposed to lead to its individuation. This is the intention of the Core – creating powerful individuals. Apparently the Universe rests on powerful beings. And it is such a being Itself.

Quite a popular idea that one should get rid of one’s individuality (ego) is wrong. It was implemented by the occupants of humanity to prevent it from becoming an autonomous cosmic entity and to make individual people passive and submissive. This manipulation was easy to introduce in accordance with the evolutionary stage based on the assumption that man is profane in comparison with a great universal force and external God on whom man entirely depends.

Cultivation of individuality is only apparently inconsistent with pursuing unity, because Unity is the ultimate goal. However, it cannot be reached without creating individuality. It seems that the Universe is bound to individualize a homogenous space mass first and then re-unite its fragments on a different level of internal organization.


Stage Five:

Knowledge, reason, consciousness


This stage of evolution is going to last about 500 years.

We are living in the moment when two epochs are colliding. There are numerous trends and movements which are a blend of the influences of previous epochs as well as the subsequent one. Evolutionary stragglers still profess former content and fiercely fight the values that are going to prevail in future. A grotesque form of old content is pseudo-philosophy of New Age which sums up the goals of the previous epoch in an amusing way. It is a kind of babble that cannot be treated seriously and has a very harmful impact in this period, so important for the world. New Age distorts the direction of development and leads its adherents astray.

Religions still rule people’s minds, imposing a specific way of thinking and feeling entitled to govern people’s souls and bodies. On the other hand, there is an influential lobby of an extremely rational and reductionist character. It may be claimed that this lobby comprises the whole science. Rationalism is a future trend, but rationalism that will take into account a broader outlook than the one based on logic and the mind operating on low fractal levels of the universe.

The three main trends mentioned above are extremely determined to put a hamper on progress. They actively fight anything that is new, because their advocates are not able to reprogram their minds to absorb the new content. They are the last bulwark of the old world whose days are numbered anyway.

Different objections may be raised when we look at the manifested world from the perspective of man. From this point of view a deeper sense of events happening to us is not visible. However, if we consider what was, is and will be in terms of evolutionary necessity and physics of space, it will turn out that everything is just as it can be, as it is a result of the possibilities of space in a given moment. Understanding this prevents us from pessimism and despair which could occur if we thought that we were just  puppets in some drama. Well, it is a drama, but we are both actors and directors in this show.

Understanding this leads to wisdom and universal love. Love results from this understanding and not from assumptions about love and just declaring it. The time when love was comprehended as some mysterious force that “settles” everything is over. Now it’s time for knowledge, reason and consciousness.

I would like to draw the reader’s attention to the original, maybe even shocking approach to the relationship of man and his role in the universe which is presented in this article. There is a common conviction that nature, God, space as well as other beings and civilizations should have man’s welfare at heart; that the world exists for man’s comfort and happiness and only by some unprecedented oversight it does not fulfill human expectations. The situation is quite reverse. It is not the universe, world and space that are for man, but man is for them. The only significant thing is development and consciousness which leads to unity. Creating and completing the database of the universe. Beings, as conscious entities, are supposed to do just this. That is why they have to fulfill the assumptions of space. Such an assumption is a given evolutionary path which one has to subject to. There is no other way out – ok, maybe a different evolutionary path which is also subject to the conditions of space. However, when one understands what these conditions are about, they no longer seem painful or shocking, but become even fascinating. There is a training course outlined for us which is supposed to lead us to perfection. It would be good to trust the coaches and to submit ourselves to this training. Of course, one may also give up the training at any moment, but such a being sentences himself or herself to being rejected by space and sooner or later ends up in “cosmic compost”.

The reader is going to encounter such statements below: civilization and man must, should, it will be required. Although philosophical and semantic accuracy would advise us to remove them from our discourse, unfortunately, or maybe luckily we find ourselves on a specific obstacle race-course which was prepared for our training. One may refuse to undergo the training and not subject to the necessity, but in this case we have to take into account the consequences described above.



What kinds of content will mankind have to acquire in future?


Knowledge – it is going to be a basis of mental activity; something specific for building consciousness. Vague, subjective mysticism and religion will be forgotten as an out-of-date conceptual system resting on a much lower level than concrete knowledge about the actual structure and functioning of the universe. It is knowledge that is to build objective consciousness. Objective in the sense of being based on concepts reflecting the reality of nature and independent of a personal attitude of an individual. Such an approach allows to understands other beings, as it switches of the filter of subjective classification. It is not love from the previous epoch that will guarantee peaceful coexistence and tolerance, but understanding. Despite the fact that love has been on flags and banners for so long, its positive results are hardly visible, since this unidentified force does not lead to peaceful coexistence. The source of peaceful coexistence is consciousness or understanding.

Thinking about the world as a collection of separate pieces will disappear from mental space. People are supposed to become aware that everything is related to everything else and there is no possibility to isolate any element. Being aware of this fact has a great significance for the whole system of civilization. As a result, cooperation and tolerance will prevail.

Achieving this level of civilization is not easy, as to make it work entirely, all the members have to internalize this content. It is known that one finds it hard to balance between tolerance for others and doing one’s own things when others are not tolerant. It is also difficult to cooperate with an enemy.


Consciousness – it is the ability to grasp numerous interdependencies and different trends in thinking at the same time. It allows for a deep and objective insight. It creates the foundations for the development of wisdom and this what we call goodness or love.

A conscious man has an open heart chakra. This opening will be required from people of the future epoch. The manifestations of an open heart chakra differ widely from this what most of  contemporary people imagine. These are by no means exaltation and emotional elation – to the contrary. Consciousness goes beyond emotionality and is perceived by us as “cool”. People of the future will not be exuberant and emotional. They will be cool and dignified, but also wise, good, honest and kind for one another. They will live in peace with themselves and everybody around. They will take care of beings with lower level of consciousness and live in harmony with the planet and all the cosmos. They will know and understand deep relationships between elements of nature and space.

If an evolutionary path includes technological development, it is in this stage when a civilization masters high technology. It is possible in this point, because the approach to knowledge is rational and reasonable, beings have sufficient mental possibilities to create technology and this is accompanied by a suitable ethical level to manage it in a responsible way. It must be added that modern technologies have not been permitted on Earth yet exactly for these reasons. Irresponsible humans would destroy the planet having access to them. There are many reasons why a quantum technological leap has not been permitted yet. They must be comprehended with the depth of consciousness, as their connotations are vast.

The present and future epochs will be connected by a transition period which is going to last from 5 to 50 years. The content necessary to carry out the transition will be introduced into mental space and the direction of the future development will be outlined. The transition period will begin in the middle of 2013.

This time will require intensive action from people. They will have to be decisive and determined to execute conditions for future life. Every person who wants to keep up with changes should define their own goal and consistently try to achieve it. We should also do it as a community. We will have to be determined, as there are still forces that will attempt to prevent it by any possible means. If we underestimate these obligations, it may turn out that we lost our chance to organize the world in our own way.

The future will require the ability to integrate different trends of thinking, which results in a holistic attitude to reality and the depth of consciousness. Space will suggest implementation of such a way of thinking in the period of transition. Feeling-based perception and thinking-based perception will be connected and this duality is going to be eliminated. Thinking will be supported by feeling or feeling will be analyzed by thinking.

It will also be required to know how to connect the natural with the unnatural. Technology will be accepted as something obvious and strictly related to man and environment. Elements of this approach already exist, but environmental needs are not taken into consideration. However, more and more people begin to understand that the planet must not be destroyed. Considering technology as an indispensable constituent of life and a developmental factor will be internalized in the future world.

Humans will learn how to join a methodical approach and spontaneity in action. Such aspect as spontaneous methodicalness or methodical spontaneity will be created. That’s what a model of creation will look like in the future.


The civilization of the future epoch will be technologically developed. Technology will enable space travel and contact with other civilizations. To achieve this human civilization has to acquire their own identity and autonomy. Determination to defend independence and freedom will be necessary. An inhabitant of the Earth will be proud of himself and of the fact that he is a Terrestrial. Melting in the mass of the universe and vagueness are forbidden in this evolutionary path.

Humans of the future will be capable of abstract thinking and grasping numerous trends in their thinking process. Understanding oneself and integrating various aspects of reality will be required from everybody. A deep sense of self-worth will be created as a result, which will entail great tolerance for other beings. Humans will have to adapt to contact with aliens. Not marveling at other ways of functioning will demand a great deal of acceptance and tolerance. Nowadays people can hardly tolerate different skin color, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. Some of them fiercely fight even a way of thinking that is different from theirs. In the future such things as racism or imposing one truth on all will be unacceptable. The exclusion of racism and intolerance will be favored by an evolutionary duty of forming self-consciousness and understanding oneself. Understanding oneself helps to understand others. This, in turn, enables to accept the needs of other beings which can be totally different from ours.

Soon in the transition period people predestined to the construction of the future world will begin to feel a great necessity of creation and self-actualization. Being creative and active will be strongly emphasized in the future. A kind of inner “punishment” for passivity and laziness will be unbearable frustration. I suppose there will be no coercion to creative work or any kind or work, as the abundance of all goods is anticipated.

It will become obvious for humans that they have to control procreation and adapt the size of the population to possibilities of the environment and to the achievement of evolutionary goals. Spontaneous procreation will be unthinkable. Sex will become a valuable developmental stimulus, pleasure and a kind of art. Sexual relationships will be excluded from procreation and will become a useful developmental factor. Sex will be learned just like other skills.

Religions will cease to exist, including Buddhism which is now considered as a very good way of development. Eastern philosophies will no more be a determinant of mental advancement. The truth they contain will not be quoted literally. Philosophy will be replaced by natural science which will comprise things we consider as transcendental and non-scientific now. Science will also change its methodology and will take into account not only phenomena observable in the material world. Current cognition is based on examining purely physical phenomena and research focuses exclusively on observation of facts in the world perceived by human physical senses supported by research instruments. Science will admit that the universe cannot be reduced to the human perception pattern and human way of thinking. It will admit that the universe and nature go far beyond these limitations, but at the same time their cognition is both possible and accessible.

Future scientific paradigm will comprise top-down cognition, i.e. cognition by means of the mind and by reading information directly from informational database of the universe.

As it can be seen, this future perspective is a far cry from what many people imagine. People thought that in the future we would spend time on meditating and doing nothing, while persecuting oneself or eradicating the ego, so trendy in some circles today, will be a desirable thing. It was predicted that technology would be excluded and people would go with their heads in the clouds. The situation is going to be reverse.

Also these people who think that the world will eternally stay as it is (with its philosophy of economic and demographic growth, virtual currency, competition, domination of corporations, etc.) will be surprised. This world is going to collapse very soon.

The ones who believe that they will be transferred into some mythic land in a different dimension will be disappointed too. Unfortunately nothing of this kind will happen. The Earth will stay as it is. We will also be the same, but rational, complex thinking as well as fighting for our freedom and identity will be required from us.

However, in the near future humans will live in different bodies. Their genotypes have been prepared by genetic engineers from other civilizations. Children with new DNA having more strands than the present genetic code are being born now. People with old DNA will not be able to modify it – extraordinary stories about fantastic changes in our bodies are pure fiction. It will be possible in our future incarnations when we get bodies of a new type. We will have to leave our present bodies in the habitual way before.

The new DNA will enable us to acquire various skills which are now considered paranormal. However, they are not a goal in itself – the goal is consciousness based on knowledge and working to make our civilization deserve a higher status in the galaxy. This status will be based on our identity as a civilization and a sense of self-worth of its members.


We are facing a lot of changes that will require from us creative work and opening our minds to new content, but in my opinion it is a fascinating adventure and we can really consider ourselves lucky to live in the time of transition. This fact must be used appropriately, to the advantage of ourselves, a community we are creating and the planet whose part we are. Creating conditions and setting potentials for the future in motion depends ON US NOW.


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