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'Between chaos and consciousness: HYPERPHYSICS' - first chapter

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1. The Universe

What I'll write now about the Universe will be completely different from what is generally known.

I have presented a very brief and synthetic description of the Universe in its many aspects so that the reader can create in his mind a general picture and general understanding, since only a simultaneous grasp of all the aspects will lead to an understanding of the truth.

As the name implies, the Universe is the whole world, everything that exists.

Is what we regard to be the Universe really everything?

Although astronomers look out to the most distant corners of the Universe, millions of light years away, and physicists have an insight into its smallest particles, they still only see a small fraction of the Universe. They see only this much not because they are looking too closely, or too imprecisely, but because they are looking unilaterally.

The study of the geography of space is a laudable task, but the cataloguing of another hundred galaxies is like counting another hundred grains of sand on a beach. It will not lead to discovery of the true size and complexity of the Universe, and will certainly not result in understanding it. The Universe is much more than can be experienced through the five senses, even with the enhancement of telescopes and particle accelerators.

This is a paradox. What is most significant and most distant in the Universe is at our fingertips...or even closer, as we can find the whole structure of the Universe within ourselves. It is so close and yet so elusive. So obvious and yet so unattainable.

That is the beauty, the power and the ferocity of the Universe.

Yes, unfortunately the Universe is a harsh place, but there is no other. The presentation of the Universe in such a way has been made possible thanks to informatics.

Informatics is not an invention, but a discovery!

The appearance of informatics is a turning point comparable to the mental revolution aroused by the theories of Copernicus or Einstein.

The reality of the Universe is information encoded in wave impulses, selected by algorithms.

Thanks to this discovery, it became possible to convey knowledge in its actual form. Thus far, many thinkers had struggled to construct models reflecting the reality. These were models constructed according to ideas currently available in the given period of history. In this way, new philosophical and religious systems arose. They rationally examined intuitive knowledge using symbols, figurative speech, comparisons, algorithms etc. They were very general, imprecise and often naive. Only informatics could introduce ideas adequate to reality.

Readers familiar with philosophy and esoterics will find in this book common elements with these fields of knowledge. However this is neither an extension of these, nor a reference to them. Any similarities arise from the Truth. No matter in which language it is conveyed, the Truth is always the same. There is no need to search far and wide for it. We have access to the truth within ourselves. We, as beings, possess the ideal portal to the Universe. No technology can replace it. The construction of such a portal with the use of technology is possible, but completely unnecessary, and it will not match the natural one which we have “built in”.

What this is, how it works, why some have it and others do not – this book addresses these issues, among others.


1.1. A glance at the Universe

It is only right to start at the beginning. Unfortunately, in the case of the Universe, we have to start with the most difficult problems. Problems which the human mind is incapable of fathoming to even the smallest degree. We can sometimes sense the Truth intuitively, but concrete knowledge concerning the source of the Universe has eluded human thinking categories. It seems to be complete abstraction, where scientific ideas are insufficient. With this in mind I shall sometimes resort to symbolic models and language.

The source of the present universe is the Core. The Core itself was generated by previous universes. This “something”, which is the matrix of the Universe has the properties of critical mass. It exists and develops linearly to a certain moment, until it suddenly and violently changes its quality. This new quality is the generation of the Core. From this moment it is the Core that has taken control and is not the effect, but the cause.

The Core is what in source religions (esoteric) is referred to as god. I shall intentionally not use the word god, as this is an imprecise term and may be interpreted differently by each person.

Anyway, one god, the highest of all beings, more or less corresponds to the idea of the Core.

In popular religions, god is everything which exceeds beyond human perception. The religious god has characteristics; he is personal, loving, merciful, and above all, personally attentive to his only and perfect children, that is, the people of the planet Earth. The Core is personal, but alas, it does not possess the remaining characteristics.

How the Core thinks, what it thinks, what it intends – no inhabitant of the Universe knows. Beings can merely observe its actions and on this basis attempt to describe it.

These are the conclusions: The Core is above intelligence, above wisdom, non-spatial. It is perfectly above logic. It possesses intention without intention. The intention of the Core is as far from intention in our understanding, as consciousness is to knowledge.

The Core methodically copies itself in space, while at the same time being this space.

Space is the next incomprehensible notion. It is something like a virtual matrix for the manifested universe.

Cosmic factors are 'tools' of the space: the factor of existence, life, thought, information, transmission and death. They are the primal forces through which space operates creating and manipulating reality.

Within space there is also “embeded” primal information, on the basis of which values acquired by beings are constructed. But these are not the contents observed by and known to us. This is something completely different.

Universal material is also directly buried in space. This is the first, fundamental element of manifestation. For beings, the first available for cognitive perception. These are wave elements which provide the raw material for all that is.

Next in the hierarchy of existence is Supreme Logos. It is the Logos that implements the intentions of the Core in the Universe. It radiates the internal flow of the Core, which constitutes the “contents” of the Universe, and the internal flow constituting linear time.

The activity of the Supreme Logos is comprehensible to us. It operates wave elements through which it records information and algorithms. The information which flows from the Core is transferred to the Supreme Logos. It then translates the information into its own language. These are spatial patterns constructed from wave elements.

Information and algorithms are collated in streams radiated in the form of Diamond Consciousness Networks.

The “analogue” language of programming is not completely precise, which provides the facility for independent creation within the Universe. This inexactness is a deliberate action of the Core, ever so important for the inhabitants of the Universe.

The Diamond Consciousness Networks (DCN) contain, among others, the building instructions for matter, the laws of physics for the worlds, algorithms to build content, methods for material function and many others. They also constitute a cosmic Internet, through which all information circulating the Universe flows.

There are eight DCNs. Seven of them make up the contents of the Universe, and the eighth is decorated with the sequence of events. This is not however, a scenario of concrete events with assigned roles. These events are orders for minimal changes in the physical state of space. These permanent physical changes create phenomena which we perceive as events.


The Universe overbuilds its structures in fractal order. This principle is programmed into space itself as well as in DCN. Multidimensional fractal worlds constructed from particles are “slotted in” between fractal space and DCNs. Space gives the fractal pattern while DCN transfers the programme for material building.

Seven DCNs within the Universe create density. These are separate worlds of completely different physical properties.

There is seven densities, but this does not mean that a given density is appropriate to one network. Densities are constructed from various numbers of networks in mutual combinations. Each density has a different number of spatial dimensions. The number of dimensions depends on the number of networks on which the density is based.

The first density – on one network – one dimension.

The second density – on two networks – two dimensions.

The third – on three networks – three dimensions etc.

Thus the individual networks are not assigned to any certain density. Each network simultaneously “serves” all densities, and combinations of networks build many cosmoses.

Densities are separated from one another by fragments of “empty” space. In various regions of the cosmos, the mutual separation of densities varies. The greater the separation, the more difficult it is for beings to see densities other than the one they occupy. This is the case with Earth. Earth is very highly isolated from the rest of the Universe, which is why to Earthlings it seems that the only world which exists is the one which they can sense with their physical senses.

Varying laws of physics rule in individual densities. They differ significantly. One could even say that they do not agree with one another. Some similarities may be found between the fourth and fifth density, and the sixth and seventh. However, no analogies at all are to be found between the third and the others. It is in this wretched third density that our world and cosmos exist, which we mistakenly take to be the whole Universe.

Worlds in particular densities have their own structure. Densities two to five consist purely of particles and structural grids, which form the chassis of a structural world “suspended” in space.

The first density consists solely of wave elements providing the raw material for the complete structural Universe.

Densities six and seven do not consist of particles and structural grids. These are condensed DCNs. These are what are referred to in religion and philosophy as spirit. Nonetheless, these are very concrete worlds. It may even be said that they are more concrete than the structural worlds. They take precedence over the others, and contrary to appearances, are very stable.

However, the most important part of the Universe are beings. It is for them that we have the huge “rest” of the Universe. It is the beings who are the highest creation and animator of the Core.

The Core, indeed, determines beings, placing them in an arranged environment. It gives them an initial potential against which there is no revocation. Simultaneously however, it leaves them with a certain amount of creative freedom, counting on their individual creativity. Through its beings, the Core verifies its contents and recreates itself.

The creation of life is stimulated by cosmic factors, i.e. directly from space. A factor provides an impulse for a whole chain reaction, as a result of which, life may arise.

Life is teeming within each density. The most activity is in the fourth density. Here there are uncountable numbers of the most various beings. Some of these are organized into civilizations.

In the third density life is also plentiful, although there is significantly less than in the fourth.

The fifth density is somewhat calmer, as it is a selective world. Only beings with a claim to immortality can reside here, i.e. those of value to the Universe and the Core. There is no civilization here. Each is an individual unit.

The sixth and seventh densities are the “command centre” of the Universe. It is in the seventh density that the overall balance is monitored. It is also from here that the impulse is sent to create worlds. From here base algorithms are sent which mark the physical laws for the Universe. The seventh density is the “executive authority” for the Core.

In the sixth density algorithms received from the seventh density are taken and evolutionary paths are created to adapt them to the particular physical conditions apparent in individual cosmoses an on the planets. There is no reason for other worlds to be similar to ours. Indeed, where did we get the absurd notion to search for life and intelligence only in places where there is water and conditions similar to those on Earth? It is life that adapts to conditions and not the other way round. In the Universe there is an almost infinite number of possibilities and their mutual combinations which could be used in the creation and functioning of some being.

Evolutionary paths designed by beings in the sixth density are conveyed to the fifth density for implementation. It is here that they are shaped into concrete realities.

Although the densities are separated from one another, it does not present a barrier to the beings. There are beings which exist simultaneously in all densities (with exception to the first). Such beings also reside in human bodies. However, the decided majority of people exist at densities two to five. How is this possible?

A human being has a body in the third density, his energy supply system in the second, and his mind on the fourth. On the fifth, corpus supremum (supreme body). This is all interconnected and works together in perfect coordination. This coordination is achieved with the aid of special inter-density structures. Why does man not know anything about such a structure even existing? This is strange, because these parts, supposedly imperceptible, are visible at a glance. It takes a great deal of self-denial not to notice that. This theory will be explained later in the book.

The Universe is continually evolving. From simple forms, ever increasingly complex forms arise. This occurs through the processes of life and death. The old form is removed, and new forms take its place, using the achievements of the previous generation. This process may be referred to as reincarnation. Thus, the whole universe is continually being reincarnated.

The aim of evolution is the creation of increasingly more conscious beings, which will enrich the quality of the Universe and create original attributes for the Core. These beings will be rewarded with immortality and will achieve oneness with the Core.

The Universe is a huge playground created for beings subject to an educative process, the aim of which is development of consciousness. The beings have to think up their “educational games” for themselves. Their own personal success, as well as the success of the whole community, will depend on their own invention. Their quality of life, consciousness, unity and immortality.

Life is a game, albeit mortally serious and dangerous. For this is a game on which everything depends – the right to existence itself.

Consciousness and eternal life, or cosmic compost.

Which do you choose?


1.2. Densities

Understanding what densities are is the foundation and starting point to understanding the Universe.

The division of the Universe into densities is its first and fundamental differentiation.

A lack of knowledge about densities will prevent the acquirement of understanding. This is why, for centuries, man has been going over the same questions, failing to find answers. Detailed knowledge has not helped. It has been a tool, making life easier, but has failed to provide answers to the Great Questions. You cannot find the right answer if you are starting from wrong assumptions. A distinctly wrong assumption is the belief that the only world that exists is the one which we can experience through our senses. What cannot be seen is, among other things, the different densities.

What are densities?

When the Core radiates the Universe in the form of external and internal streams, and the Supreme Logos places onto it Diamond Consciousness Networks, densities are immediately formed.

Densities are designated spaces between the DCNs. The kind of density depends on the number of networks over which it is spread.
–– First density – on one network. Each network therefore has its own first density.
–– Second density – on two networks.
––Third density – on three networks etc.

As can be easily seen, the same networks form various densities.

Densities are therefore the effect of mutual combinations of networks. Each combination type leads to a different kind of reality, which we define as a separate cosmos.

All seven DCNs are found within each density. They are the ingredients of space. However, in a given density there is a relationship between only some networks. Other networks, while present within the space system, do not participate in the building of material in that area. It may be said that they are inactive in a certain area.

Within the Universe, all possible combinations are used, giving a varied number of cosmoses at each density. The cosmoses at each density are:
–– first – 7
–– second – 21
–– third – 35
–– fourth – 35
–– fifth – 21
–– sixth – 7
–– seventh – 1

What people consider to be the whole universe is actually only one of 35 cosmoses at the third density. Meanwhile, the Universe also contains everything mentioned above.

Particular cosmoses at a particular density are partially or completely separated from one another. Where the cosmoses are based upon different networks, they are mutually closed. Where they have any common network, they are mutually open.

Let us “provisionally” number DCNs from 1 to 7 and try to exemplify several cosmoses.

A third density cosmos based upon networks 1, 2, 3 and a cosmos based upon networks 4, 5, 6 will be mutually closed, as there is no overlap of their networks. However, cosmoses based on networks 1, 2, 3 and 3, 4, 5 have one common network (3) and will be mutually open.

Fourth density cosmoses based on e.g. networks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, 6 ,7 ,1 are mutually open. In the fourth density there are no mutually closed cosmoses, as it is not possible to assign two combinations comprising four elements from seven possibilities without some overlap. The same applies to densities five and six.

Whether or not the cosmoses are mutually open or closed makes no practical difference to us humans. However for civilizations with the ability to move around the Universe, this is very significant. Mutually closed cosmoses are completely isolated from one another and any attempt to force their boundaries is enormously risky, and frankly, impossible.

From these combinations it is also clear that cosmoses at different densities are based upon the same networks, but on a different number of them. However, this gives an effect of complete separation. Space constructed from mutual relations between different numbers of networks gives completely different effects.

The individual densities differ from one another in every way possible. They have different numbers of spatial dimensions, completely different particles, and completely different laws of physics apply. Between the lines, it may be possible to find some similarities between the fourth and fifth density, but between the third and fourth, and even more so, between the third and fifth or sixth density, there are no similarities at all.

The laws of physics also differ from cosmos to cosmos at the same density. The differences increase along with the distance between the cosmoses, and also as the number of common networks declines. The laws of physics may also differ within one cosmos, although only between its galaxies. The further the galaxies are from one another, the greater the differences in their physics.

As can be easily observed, cosmoses at different densities based upon the same networks, are located at the same place in space. Indeed, they are contained within one another. It is difficult to imagine how “things” so distant can also be simultaneously mixed. What can I say – the constructor of space had a much greater imagination than we, people.

The following example may help picture this phenomenon.

We pour sand into a container. Then we add water and last, pump in gas. We now have four completely different elements (container, sand, water, gas), contained within one another, and yet unmixed (I am assuming hypothetically that the gas will not dissolve in water, and will not enter into any reaction with it). This is all within the same place in space. As the elements are completely different, we may say “they have no mutual knowledge of each another”. It makes no difference to the container what it holds – it makes no distinction between holding something and not. The sand and water are touching, but neither of them have any influence over this fact. The gas comfortably finds space for itself between the other particles, undisturbed by the water and sand.

In the Universe, the seventh density is the container, which holds all of the remaining densities one inside one another, like Russian matryoshka dolls. The configuration of actual space is, of course, more complicated. The whole construction is not so transparent. There are creases in space, folds, twists “holes” etc. The inside of this doll resembles more a junkyard than a tidy nesting doll.

Particular densities have various numbers of spatial dimensions. There is a simple rule for this. The number of dimensions is the same as the number of networks in the given density.

–– 1 density – 1 dimension
–– 2 density – 2 dimensions
–– 3 density – 3 dimensions etc.

Space at densities is limited by a specific number of networks, which create the “walls” of dimensions. This gives a mirror image effect. Thanks to this, four dimensions make it possible to view an opaque object from all sides simultaneously. Five dimensions allow the same as four, but additionally it is possible to see what is inside. Thus, in the fifth density, everything is transparent. Even more, manipulation is not limited to what is on the inside and on the outside. Everything may be reversed, twisted or shifted in any manner.

The sixth density, thanks to its six dimensions, perceives the whole universe in its interior. There are no limitations on manipulation. If we imagined, for example, three cubes one inside the other, in six dimensions it is possible to turn the interior into exterior in one move. For an imagination accustomed to three dimensions, this is impossible to comprehend, and in a three dimensional reality, impossible to perform.

The seventh density “sees” the whole universe inside and out. Manipulation possibilities are unlimited. It is also theoretically possible to manipulate the whole universe. Hence, there is access to anywhere. However, this is a potential possibility, which does not essentially mean that it is practically feasible. This is because each intervention with omission of the hierarchy disturbs the delicate balance of the Universe.

The second density is two dimensional, i.e. it is a plane.

Densities two to five are material, meaning that they are made up of particles. The particles in them differ significantly in structure. A particle is made up of wave fragments connected together, creating spatial configurations. At various densities, the particles differ in the number of waves making them up.

Particles at particular densities consist of the following numbers of waves:
–– second density – 6–11 waves
–– third – 12–27 waves
–– fourth – 22–37 waves
–– fifth – 26–57 waves

As can be seen, the higher the density, the more waves in particles. Of course, this is of great significance for the properties of the particles themselves as well as the environment. This issue will be clarified in level two.

Densities six and seven are not material, that is, they are not particle based. These densities consist solely of DCNs. Here they are of a higher concentration in space.

As we already know, in the third, “our” density, elementary particles combine together to form atoms. These in turn form larger particles, creating an enormous number of possible combinations. This does not occur in other densities. There, particles do not combine to form molecules or elements, but at most, clusters. This is sufficient for them to build structures which are very elastic and yield to the energy of thought. Thought and volition cooperate freely with spatial factors, making creation easy. For this reason, the bodies of beings living at densities four and five are easily modified, even to the extent that they have a transient form. Large body modification possibilities also occur in the third density, but only in exceptionally advanced civilizations with very well developed DNA.

If bodies are not based on DNA, then even more so can they take on most diversified forms.

I stress here that the human body is very primitive and completely non-modifiable. It is one of the older cosmic models, retired from use.

So, as we can see, even the most fundamental knowledge of densities completely changes our view of the Universe. A huge variety of issues start to become clear, and the gates open to great cognition. One could even say that this is a Stargate.


1.3. Diamond Consciousness Networks – introduction

DCNs are a symptom of the Core’s internal flow. However, they are generated by the Supreme Logos. It can be said that the Core is the boss of everything and manages the Universe. It does this via programmes. The Supreme Logos is the programmer. The Core transfers its designs for the Universe to the Supreme Logos, and it rewrites these as programmes and algorithms. These are then implemented in space in the form of DCNs.

Networks are therefore flows of algorithms and information.

They constitute the Universe’s “hard drive”.

DCNs have a defined structure. They are made up of streams flowing as if through a fibre-optic cable. The spatial configuration of these elements constitutes the programming language.

Individual flows in networks intersect at right angles. The construction resembles a diamond crystal in structure. This ensures ideal propagation of information. Thanks to the diamond structure, information spreads out in all directions, reaching all corners of space. The networks do not form a maze of nodes and accumulations, and information does not go round in circles.

The meshes of the networks are infinitely small. In them particles are created which then build larger structures. It is from these very networks that the particles take the formula for their construction. The DCNs contain algorithms to select wave fragments and put them together in specific configurations. These configurations are the particles and density structural grids.

Depiction of Diamond Consciousness Network in third density

Furthermore, they also house algorithms which determine the principles for interaction between material elements, i.e. the laws of physics.

There are seven DCNs inside the Universe, and one outside determining time. The networks differ from one another primarily in the number of algorithms they contain. The algorithm type depends on the evolutionary path that formed it and the maturity of the universal material (i.e. mutual relationship of continuity and discontinuity) in defined environments. From this, in turn, results the consciousness of beings belonging to the network.

Beings and the environment again reshape the network. There is feedback between the DCN and the environment.

Apart from housing the laws of physics for the Universe, the DCNs also carry various types of information. They are the cosmic internet. This information may be read. One who can, has omniscience of the past, the present and future versions of the future of the Universe. Furthermore, the quality of the connections testifies to the consciousness of the being. Although connection by the being to DCN does not automatically result in consciousness, it does allow the being to collect information from a large area, increasing its information resources. From this the being creates knowledge, and knowledge allows the creation of consciousness (see chapter: “Consciousness”).

Each being is connected to DCN. This connection is a prerequisite for being. But very few beings are able to consciously read information from the network. Full reading capability is achieved only at the sixth density. Beings significantly more often make use of an intermediary variant i.e. structural grids. The phenomena of clairvoyance, prophetic dreams, premonitory visions, intuition etc. are the result of reading information from these structural grids. Reading from structural grids is significantly easier than from DCN, but humans find even this extremely difficult. As we know, this capability occurs sporadically in the human civilization. Why this is and what this process involves will be discussed in other parts of this book.


1.4. Structural grids

These occur in all particle densities i.e. from second to fifth. They build the framework of the worlds. All other structures are embedded in them. It is these which transfer information from consciousness networks to the rest of matter. They define the physics of the worlds.

Networks in all densities are built from one type of particle (of course, at the given density). Each network has its own specific shape and function. All networks conduct information, but they do so at different speeds. Each network fulfils several functions, but specializes in one.

At each density there is one sleeping network, which “carries” the whole structure, maintains its form, allows simultaneous attraction of particles while preventing the collapse of the structure. This network does not conduct information very quickly.

There is also a network which best conducts information. It is mainly this that the beings use in a similar way to the internet. Through this network information is transmitted and on it information is collected.

There is also a network which primarily “deals with” the realization of specific properties for the given world.

Networks are built from information sequences, particles and wave fragments. The network structure creates intersections. Schematically it can be said that it creates a checker with eyes in the middle. In places of intersection of the “lines” of the grid are ordinary particles. The rest of the grid is also built of particles of the same type and information trains and wave fragments. This is all composed into an information packet, which is also an algorithm. Elements of the structure of the Universe are mutual algorithms, even if they do not perform the role of building. This matter will be clarified in level III.

Structural grids collect information from DCN. This occurs either directly or indirectly.

The direct route is transfer of information via a special algorithm from DCN to structural grid. The indirect route runs through space via cosmic factors. It is an impulse from the consciousness network to space. Here, a cosmic factor activates, which again discharges into space, activating another factor. This then transmits the information to the structural grid. There is a defined total amount of information on a given network for a given cosmos. If the amount of information deviates from the granted template, the network is disturbed, creating at the same time imbalances in the laws of physics in the concerned environments. A black hole is an example of such an imbalance. There then occurs condensation and breaking of the third density network glue. Where the network becomes overloaded in one area, the excess is discharged in another area of the network. This property is used in the technologies of advanced civilizations.


1.5. Continuity and discontinuity

The notion of continuity and its opposite, discontinuity, is an important one, and is used to describe the phenomena of the Universe. Not as much the phenomena themselves, as their reasons, and even the reasons for these reasons.

Continuity and discontinuity are elements of the Universe’s balance.

Continuity is when the information sequences are unbroken. This gives an uninterrupted, i.e. continuous, transfer of data, which in turn, results in a high degree of accuracy. If, according to such an uninterrupted sequence of information, “something” is to be built, it will be perfect.

Continuity and discontinuity can be observed in the transfer of information concerning the construction of particle structures at the micro and macro level, in the formation of algorithms and the transfer of data on structural grids and DCN.

Continuity may be structural and well as functional. Structural continuity is when there are no errors in the structure, as it is built on the basis of continuity of information. Functional continuity is a symptom of structural continuity. It is observed as the correct functioning of the system.

If one was to describe these notions by comparing them to a jigsaw puzzle, one could say continuity is what we have when the picture is complete. Discontinuity is when one of the elements of the puzzle is missing. The more elements missing, the greater the discontinuity.

This notion should be seen literally, as a physical picture, as well as philosophically. In the latter sense, continuity is a state of fullness and perfection.


1.6. Universal material – introduction

Universal material is the fundamental, source building material of all that is.

More fundamental is only space, but this, to us, is virtual. When speaking about the basis of the Universe, as a specific phenomenon, we have universal material in mind.

Universal material “grows out of ” space directly and creates the first density.

It is made up of wave fragments. From these arise larger arrangements, forming particles and structural grids of the particular densities.

Wave fragments are the smallest, single waves. One could say that they are single quivers in space. It is important to realize that everything in existence is built from these very wave fragments. From these wave fragments comes not only matter, but also the Universe’s control system, algorithms.

We are accustomed to thinking of algorithms as a binary chain which selects compatible sets of digits. If the Universe were to transfer data in this way, it would have to be very humble. For this digital method with which we are familiar is very inefficient. A multidimensional form is incomparably more productive. It involves setting the wave fragments into spatial designs – shapes. Thus unlimited combination possibilities are achieved on a small stretch of spacetime. This is the method employed by the Universe.

With the aid of shapes, information is coded regarding the construction of particles, structural grids and mutual configurations of all material elements. This is all controlled by algorithms, themselves also being shapes. Everything is interlinked and continually mutually adapted according to permissible templates for the given world. That world this is a particular density and all cosmoses contained within. The physics of various densities is completely different. These are also certain differences in the physics of different cosmoses at the same density.

Universal material is diversified. It may be said that it creates various qualities. In different areas of a given cosmos, there are various levels of organization of material. A high degree of organization is a prevalent amount of complete information chains, capable of creating stable material. Such material possesses a high degree of continuity, and we shall refer to it as continuous material. The extreme opposite of this is chaotic material, which has the lowest possible degree of continuity. Between these extremes are all intermediary states. The quality of the environment and its ability to create advanced structures depend on the degree of continuity.

A high degree of organization is a result of the process of evolution. Chaotic material undergoes intermediate stages of organization, “learning” to fit its own elements together for them to eventually match and create one harmonious unit. This process takes billions of years. Its crowning moment is the creation of beings. These now evolve significantly more quickly. The more organized material, the more quickly it can organize itself. The most difficult is the first stage, where everything is still in complete chaos. Wave elements come together and fall apart. The lower their density, the less likely that they will find a compatible arrangement.

Forms are created, they last for varying periods after which they disintegrate. No form lasts forever. Even advanced forms, such as beings, are disposed of at all densities, and their material returns to its primal form i.e. wave elements at the first density. This process maintains balance in the Universe. Something like a lift-and-force pump is created. In order for the Universe to evolve into more complex forms, for evolution to push forward and higher, the process must be fed from below and supplied with raw materials. Forms disintegrate due to their imperfections. Their leftovers “fall” back to the first density. Only a few survive relatively long.

From the point of view of relatively conscious beings, this process appears to be very brutal. In many philosophies there is a notion that death does not exist; that beings pass on to some kind of eternal life. Meanwhile, the result of this process is something quite the opposite, namely, that there is mainly death. However, from the point of view of the Universe, this is of no significance.


1.7. Being

A being is an isolated fragment of space coupled with DCN.

A being is considered each cosmic “bagatelle” as well as each power, which has a connection with DCN. Differences in structure and function, place of being, or any others, do not limit this notion.

A mechanical robot could be a being, if it were connected to DCN. Artificial intelligence, although extremely complex, not connected to the network, is not a being.

Connection with consciousness networks is a source “certificate” from the Core. Through the networks the Core has influence on beings, and beings have the ability to use the Universe’s information.

Each being must be initially equipped with algorithmic and informational continuity. This provides a base to commence functioning and a fairly harmonious placement in the environment. It also receives base knowledge. Where it has arisen from the egregor (see chapter: “Beings at densities”), it also receives the base programs of this egregor. Each animal, insect, the smallest plant and even bacteria has this base program, and knows what it is to do. In the case of such creatures (on Earth) this program is found in DNA, while the template for DNA is at the fifth density.

Higher beings, apart from bodies, further receive space at the fourth density for the creation of mind, and base programs for this mind.

Beings reaching the fifth density also possess either pre-corsup, originating from the egregor, with its programs, or corsup with its own programs. Programs from higher densities are precedent over those from lower densities. The corsup programs provide the “style” and characteristics of the being.

The above pattern is the most common, however there are many other possibilities. These other possibilities create different evolutionary paths. These are not necessarily based on DNA. Besides, beings are often completely different from the human understanding of what they should be.

A being, apart from programs or just single algorithms and knowledge, is placed in time and belongs to a defined evolutionary path. This all significantly determines it. The remaining free will is, in the case of the average person, approximately 0.5%. Furthermore, despite programming handed down from above, a being is not born complete and perfect. It possesses planned programmed discontinuity. It would seem that this limits the being even further, however, paradoxically, it is precisely this discontinuity which gives a modicum of freedom. It is up to the being how it uses and repairs this discontinuity. It can do nothing – then it will not fulfil its cosmic task, or it can introduce a new value. And this is what it’s all about. Fulfilment of discontinuities in one’s own creation. This is the small contribution of each being in the creation of the Universe.

The sum of all discontinuities in the Universe is enormous. Within their scope, worlds indefinitely different are created. New values are created and surprising ideas arise. This is the basis of the evolution of the Universe and Core. The Core itself and higher densities interfere as little as possible in the creative process within the Universe.

Beings also create knowledge. True, they are initially equipped with some packages, but even these are discontinuous. Besides, this knowledge we do not acknowledge. It may be said that it expresses only a potential. In building their own structures, beings also create knowledge; the knowledge contained within the being’s structure. In other words, a being is knowledge. The notion of this knowledge and reality models depend on the evolutionary path and the level of advancement of the being itself. However, the consequence of advancement is the degree of connection to DCN.

This connection is made via a quantum bridge, which connects being algorithms to compatible network algorithms. The difficulty for beings lies in the generation of these complicated algorithms. This process is tantamount to creation of consciousness.


1.8. Beings at densities

No element or phenomenon within the Universe can be described without consideration being given to beings.

The whole enormous structure of the Universe does not exist solely for the sake of existence. It is all a “machine” for the generation of consciousness. In the distant future, this consciousness will unite with the Core to create a value for the future universe.

Beings are involved with the creation of new elements of consciousness. The combination of countless numbers of situations, experiences, sensations to which beings are subjected create a new quality for the Core.

The individual being also makes use of this on a continual basis, for it lives in a world which it, in part, creates itself. Furthermore, the acquired information and knowledge of the Universe is continuously available. This information can be read only by those beings which have taken themselves to a high enough level to be able to assimilate this knowledge.

Densities create separate worlds in which beings of very different levels of consciousness exist. It is not at all as it would seem, that the higher the density the higher the level of consciousness. This applies only in part, and fully concerns only the sixth and seventh densities. Indeed, only beings of the highest levels of consciousness exist here, as these densities are themselves pure consciousness.

In densities: third, fourth and fifth beings live on very different levels, because their existence is the embodiment of beings from fifth, sixth or even seventh density. In the fifth density there are matrixes for all worlds. Practically there are few objects in the Universe, that wouldn’t have their archetypes in the fifth density. So that the level of a being does not depend on which density it exists but on its level of conciseness and that depends on placement of connection with DCN (see chapter: “Consciousness”). A being, can be present on all densities simultaneously. The fact is a norm in the Universe.

At the second density there are beings which we could refer to as rays. Their bodies are variously shaped planes, internally segregated. They possess linear consciousness. In the third density they may be interpreted as phenomena such as glows, vibrations. An encounter with them may cause a sensation of condensation, pulling, choking etc.

Three-dimensional beings exist at the third density. All these which we see on a daily basis on our planet, i.e. bacteria, viruses, all plants, all animals and people. On other planets there is also an infinite number of different forms of varying levels of consciousness.

 At the fourth density there is an even greater variety in form and consciousness than at the third.

 At the fifth density there are egregors and bodies of the highest beings in existence also at other densities. Apart from these, there are also beings present which arose at the fifth density and only exist there. At the fifth density, the fate of the lower densities is decided. It is here that decisions are made concerning the execution methods for the Universe’s policies. Here, work goes on into the solution of the problems of civilization and individual beings.

Long term policy guidelines for the Universe as a whole as well as for individual worlds remain at the sixth density. However the sixth density does not control lower densities. It does not enforce or punish for failure to carry out tasks. It interferes as little as possible in realization. The worlds are to be as they create themselves. If the environment is not capable of completing tasks, that’s just tough.

Between policy guidelines and their realization is a delicate balance and feedback. You can only expect of the environment what it is prepared for. Progress must be made naturally, without excessive interference. If the environment cannot cope with processing and reforming itself, it will die a natural death. The planet Earth and human civilization may be put forward as an example of this. The planet itself is not endangered, but the civilization is. This civilization has not created values allowing it to survive, and is aiming toward inevitable self-destruction. It may be possible to save some of the infrastructure, but the civilization itself must change to such an extent that it will not resemble the present one. Therefore, it may be said that this civilization is doomed to extinction. It has passed this sentence on itself and nobody is going to forcefully intervene, as nothing would come of it anyway. However, in its place will come another one, in which beings will have a significantly better life than now. This does not necessarily have to happen through complete annihilation. There should be a smooth transition from this civilization to the next.

The fifth and sixth densities do all that is possible for civilizations to reshape and maintain evolutionary continuity on the evolutionary path. However, the environment is very resistant and does everything possible to prevent change.

Beings in the Universe often exist in several densities simultaneously. This is true, for example, on Earth. Here there are no solely three-dimensional beings. Beings which we perceive with the senses exist at, at least, at two densities. i.e. the third and second. The second density is the source of life “force”. It supplies the life system with energy. Such beings are plants and lower animals. Some mammals which we regard as intelligent are, in part, at the fourth density. Humans reach the fifth density. At the fourth they possess the mind and at the fifth, the highest body – corpus supremum.

Densities within beings are connected with a diffractive system reforming particles from density to density. This system causes densities within beings to cooperate and be inter-dependent. Diffraction system consists of diffraction coatings along with its centers. Coatings are constructed from particles of the second and fourth density. They cause diffraction of waves or rather information continuity (see chapter: “Space”) from densities second and fourth into third. Inside them there are also special materialistic constructions (passage shapes) reshaping particles from density to density. In those coatings there are centers, in which change occurs very intensively. These coatings in esoteric nomenclature are called subtle bodies and their centers – chakras.

Corpus supremum (corsup)

Corpus supremum is Latin for highest body. For convenience I will use the name corsup.

This is a body at the fifth density consisting of material from this density. Highest body, as at higher densities there are no material bodies. There, everything consists of DCN. The being is a fragment of space and condensation of these networks.

Corpus supremum in esoteric nomenclature is an equivalent of motive body or higher manas. Corsup is a specific structure which grows and improves. Progress is achieved most frequently (although not only) through embodiment in lower densities. Experience from individual beings serves the acquirement of knowledge and experience and achievement of power and consciousness. On its journey through the Universe, corsup develops, creating an independent cosmic unit. This is precisely what the Core aims to achieve – the creation of independent and self-thinking beings.

Corsup at the higher densities creates separate personalities which serve to experience life and provide information from this experience. Personalities are disposed of after life. However, corsup is relatively immortal. It lasts until it completes this stage in evolution i.e. until it achieves its maximum value at the fifth density and translates it into consciousness. Then collapse occurs. The corsup collapses and disintegrates and the consciousness acquired by it progresses to the sixth density.

The being arising from it has its characteristics at the sixth density and is the most individual being.

Pre-corpus supremum (pre-corsup)

This is a material construction at the fifth density, which in contrast to the corsup, is mortal. It arises from egregor material. It is a trial being – if it succeeds in life, it will receive an actual corsup. If it fails, it will disintegrate and return to egregor. Most beings in the Universe with the chance to develop consciousness begin existence with a precorsup. Where such a being has a tendency for development, it will be rewarded with the granting of the highest body, and thus has a chance at immortality. The effects of the being’s efforts, in the form of mental achievement, are judged according to the capabilities of the environment in which it lives. The mental achievement itself is less important than the capability and will to change. Thus blind faith and fidelity to dogma will not be a ticket to immortality.


Egregors are separated fragments of space in which there is a mass of given density saturated with granted programs, information and algorithms. Egregor is not a being, however beings arise from egregor material.

The programs contained within egregors constitute templates for beings created at lower densities. Such templates, for example, are instincts and intuitive knowledge, which beings are initially equipped with. For example, birds know how to build nests, where they are meant to fly to, how to care for their young etc. All animals and plants possess behavioural templates from egregors.

Egregors also apply to humans. From their material we have pre-corsups. This is the primary form, from which the actual corsupl may arise. Pre-corsups from specific egregors have defined preferences. People coming from them will feel a deep connection with the ideologies and convictions programmed within their egregor. They will live with the belief that only these are correct. Practice has shown that the reprogramming of a person originating from an egregor is almost impossible. He will consider only his own beliefs to be true, with all other convictions being false. The effect of this is endless conflict between the representatives of different egregors.

After death of the body in the third or fourth density the precorsup returns to egregor. It is broken down in varying degrees and reintroduced into its mass. The degree of decomposition depends on compliance of content and form to the granted template. If the being which had the pre-corsup introduced into it knowledge, harmony and consciousness, it has a chance of survival as a whole or minimum decomposition, and even reformation into corpus supremum. If the being has made no effort, the pre-corsup will be broken down into its composite parts.

The fact that beings may exist simultaneously at several densities may seem strange and incomprehensible. But this is the case, and the Universe copes with this complication. The problem of connecting several densities within the being was solved with the introduction of diffractive coatings, in which there are so-called transition shapes. These are virtual channels in space on which particles are decomposed and recomposed anew according to the template for another density. Thus wave “material”, together with information, is transferred.

Diffractive coatings also provide the capability for their conscious application. Through the universal Self (see chapter: “Space”) a being may consciously participate in life at all densities simultaneously. On Earth such an existence is extremely rare. Here, the norm is complete confinement to the third density. Sporadic and spontaneous “leaks” from the fourth density are seen as mystical events or madness (I do not exclude madness as such). However, contact with corpus supremum is seen as contact with god himself. Meanwhile, these are correct and the most ordinary of events, which should be, frankly, common.

The use of the mind at the fourth density is universal and obvious. Everybody does this, although for the most part, to a minimal degree. All of the most complex mental processes occur in the mind. Their result is transmitted through the transfer shapes to the brain. The brain is in this case like a monitor screen which displays what has been going on within the mechanisms of the computer.

The brain also has its own separate functions and consciousness, but it is very simple and is concerned primarily with life functions, instincts and the simplest reactions allowing the being to somehow function in the world. Thought processes requiring analysis, and even more so synthesis, occur in the mind.

The ability to actively use one’s parts at other densities depends on the development of these parts, and therefore, the level of development of the being. Well-developed minds with great creative capabilities are found only in beings with equally well-developed corpus supremum.

Beings with pre-corpus supremum usually have collective consciousness and are incapable of independent, critical thought and true creativity. These principles apply to all beings in the Universe, and not only humans. The interdependencies between the individual parts of the being will be discussed in the second volume of “Between chaos and consciousness”.

Civilizations live in the third and fourth densities. There are currently approx. 300 000 000 in our galaxy. Most of them possess technologies unimaginable to humans. They are capable of travelling between cosmoses, changing densities, teleportation, and things that we cannot even dream of, and never will be able to dream of until we accept the knowledge continued, among others, within this book.

However, technology is not the only measure of progress. Technology may be possesses also by civilizations at lower levels. The real criterion is the level of the beings themselves. The development of the body, mind, corsup, and the ability to control them.

The reader will probably now ask “Why do they not communicate with us?” Well, this is not the case. They do communicate. But they can do so with very few here. Those who understand them.

Without understanding, contact is futile. It would disturb the evolutionary path. Reader! Imagine how you would react if you came face to face with an alien? How would Earth’s armed forces

react? What kind of panic would erupt? Who would we be meant to talk to and how? Who would ensure their safety without the need for self-defence? And finally – who should invite them? They have no right to land here uninvited. These are but a few of the reservations and complications.

But they know this, and this is why they haven’t landed.

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