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We are the advocates of holism, i.e. people who integrate greater and greater areas of knowledge, and owing to that we create a coherent image of reality. We introduce new values into the mental space and enable transformation.

Our website presents the knowledge about the structure and functioning of the Universe which we have gained in the course of longstanding studies, contemplation and by means of our ability of advanced neuro-intuition. The result of these studies is our book "Between chaos and consciousness: HYPERPHYSICS" as well as the articles you can read on our website.

We invite you to stay on our website, as we can guarantee that becoming acquainted with its contents is going to be an intellectual adventure and a challenge for the mind, which will result in expanding your consciousness.

Readers will also find useful tips to work on themselves and numerous methods supporting the development of consciousness here.


  Lecture by Joanna Rajska and Jacek Czapiewski

Hyperphysics in 12 minutes













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